This Is What Makes You Happy (According To A 75 Year Study)

This Is What Makes You Happy (According To A 75 Year Study)

Imagine if you could review the lives of over 700 men and pinpoint the exact causes of successes and failures along the way. It sounds too good to be true, but the Harvard Study of Adult Development – possibly one of the longest studies on record – actually studied 724 men for over 75 years. The study tracked the progress of the men’s:

  • jobs
  • relationships
  • social status
  • wealth
  • physical & mental health
  • happiness
  • goals
  • habits
  • routines
  • family & more

interviewing both the men in question and their partners every year.

Robert Waldinger, a Psychiatrist and the 4th manager of the study, breaks down the results and presents what was found to be the key to happiness amongst all 724 men.

SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t money or power… It was the quality of their relationships that provided the most happiness in their lives.

Check out the full video below.