The Dallas Cowboys Top Forbes’ Most Valuable Sports Franchises For 2019

The Dallas Cowboys have topped Forbes annual list of most valuable sports teams for the fourth year running. Despite having not won a championship for 23 years, the Cowboys have been a global marketing powerhouse since owner Jerry Jones purchased the franchise 30 years ago for a paltry $150 million USD. Now the most well-known NFL team in the world, the Cowboys are worth a whopping $5 billion USD with an operating income of $365 million USD.

Coming in at second spot is the New York Yankees with an estimated worth of $4.6 billion USD, while Spain’s two biggest football teams, Real Madrid ($4.24 billion USD) and Barcelona ($4.02 billion), battle it out in the third and fourth spots. 

NBA heavyweights the Los Angeles Lakers ($3.5 billion USD) and Golden State Warriors ($3.5 billion USD) took out spots eight and nine with the New York Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers rounding out the top 10 with a value of $3.3 billion USD.

Check out the top 10 below and head to Forbes for the full list of 50 teams.

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $5 billion
  2. New York Yankees – $4.6 billion
  3. Real Madrid – $4.24 billion
  4. F.C. Barcelona – $4.02 billion
  5. New York Knicks – $4 billion
  6. Manchester United – $3.81 billion
  7. New England Patriots – $3.81 billion
  8. Los Angeles Lakers – $3.5 billion
  9. Golden State Warriors – $3.5 billion
  10. New York Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers – $3.3 billion (tied)

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