Netflix To Launch ‘Drive To Survive’-Style PGA Tour Docuseries

phil mickelson PGA championship 2021 - netflix pga tour documentary series drive to survive

Professional golf is receiving the Drive To Survive treatment, as Netflix reportedly strikes a deal with the PGA Tour for an episodic documentary series; complete with “unprecedented behind-the-scenes access” and featuring six of the world’s best golfers as they embark upon the 2021-22 season.

According to Golf, Netflix has engaged some battle-tested collaborators for the job, including Vox Media (Explained), Rickie Fowler’s own Main Event Productions (Basketball Or Nothing), as well as Box To Box Films – the media company behind Formula 1: Drive To Survive. Given the quality of entertainment all parties involved have churned out in the past – not to mention the global following pro golf retains – it seems as though the streaming giant is once again on track to capture lightning in a bottle.

Sources reveal cameras will begin rolling for the upcoming Netflix PGA Tour documentary series sometime at the start of the 2021-22 season pending the cast (which has still yet to be finalised). One unnamed figure has disclosed the show might not even kick off production in earnest until early 2022 based on “limited cast participation” during fall events.

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It’s currently unclear who we’ll see on the small screen, although we do know the player component will be limited to major champions, Ryder Cuppers, and Top 20 ranked names. Golf Digest indicates Tony Finau, Rickie Fowler, and Cameron Champ are “highly interested”; in addition to the fact a Vox Media executive hit Atlanta this week to “woo” the likes of Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau. If the rumours are indeed true, talent won’t be compensated with cash for their participation, but would instead benefit from the added exposure.

While the actual sports themselves could not be more different, a Netflix documentary series focused on the PGA Tour a la Drive To Survive makes a whole lot of sense. As Golf Digest points out, there are remarkable similarities between Formula 1 and golfing ecosystem, right down to the multi-person support team behind individuals.

And similar to Formula 1 prior to Drive To Survive, the PGA Tour, Tour players, as well as the associated management teams are notoriously secretive of what goes on beyond the green. Over the course of three seasons – now fast-approaching Drive To Survive season 4 – motorsport fans were afforded a fascinating look at what really goes on, effectively tearing down the velvet curtains, which only served to grow its fandom.

This could very well instigate a massive resurgence in the public’s interest surrounding golf and make for some killer viewing.

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