Aussie Golfer Wade Ormsby Earns 204 Bottles Of Whisky With Hole-In-One

Wade Ormsby Hole In One Whisky Scottish Open 2021 1

It doesn’t get much sweeter than sinking a hole-in-one. Unless you’re Aussie golfer Wade Ormsby, who managed to nail one on the 12th at this year’s Scottish Open, in which case it does – 204 bottles of Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky sweeter (and in quite the literal sense, as you’ll soon discover).

Ormsby was awarded a 10-year-old bottle for each yard of the hole, which many are describing as a lifetime’s supply; and even for the heavier drinkers out there, it’s a four-year supply at the very least. The drop in question is produced from a rather unique operation. While the distillery’s stills are located in the Scottish Highlands, the distillery’s stores are located in the Scottish Lowlands.

Yet another unique aspect about Glengoyne whisky involves how its barley is warm air dried, as opposed to using peat smoke, thereby imparting a “delicate, almost floral nature” to each dram. With flavours and aromas of fresh green apples, toffee, as well as a hint of nuttiness, this is one we recommend sampling if ever provided the chance.

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This is by no means a career first for the big fella, either. In 2015, Wade Ormsby sunk another hole-in-one during the third round of the European Tour’s KLM Open from 227 yards away on the 11th hole, winning a whole lot of booze which wasn’t Scotch whisky. Given how the event was sponsored by Warsteiner Beer, that time, he earned himself a year’s supply of coldies.

Although it’d be remiss to give Ormsby all the glory on this occasion. While he didn’t win any booze, fellow Aussie golfer Min Woo Lee became a two-time European Tour winner after clinching a three-way playoff against Matt Fitzpatrick and Thomas Detry to claim the 2021 Scottish Open. Incidentally, the 22-year-old talent’s sister Minjee Lee secured her place as runner-up in the Ladies Scottish Open back in 2018.

Solid effort all around, I’d say.