Scotty Cameron Launches Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black Mallet Putter

Scotty Cameron phantom putter

If you’re looking to improve your putting game, the obvious answer is a new club. Sure, you could spend hour after thankless hour on the green, perfecting your stance and grip, but there’s something about a new club that just gets the heart racing. Thankfully, the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black mallet putter from Titleist is here to do just that, putting performance in the palm of your hand, and in a package that looks the part too.

The new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black putter features a precision-milled 303 stainless steel body, perfectly complemented by an integrated 6061 aluminium flange-sole component. With balance and feel at the forefront of the design, the 6061 aluminium flange-sole is there to offer optimally distributed weight across the club.

The angular, almost futuristic look of the clubhead immediately brings to mind the sleek body shape of a stealth bomber, right down to the carefully milled sight dots across the uppermost surface. These sight dots are a practical articulation of Scotty’s signature three-dot motif, executed in a bright, semi-transparent red.

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These design choices had Cameron’s proactive involvement, with the triple black colourway inspired by classic cars. “I gave it our Tour Black finish throughout,” he explained. “Including the misted black anodized 6061 aluminium component and the stainless steel body. With its jet black paintfill, I thought the classic car term “Triple Black” fit.”

Southpaws need not apply, with the club set up for a righthanded swing, and offered in 33″, 34″ and 35″ lengths. The club also features a 3.5° lie, 70° of loft and a near minimum toe flow.

Sure, it might not be a panacea for all of your putting problems, but with the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black in your hands, your list of excuses is guaranteed to shorten. If you want to putt with the best of them, there are certainly worse places to start.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black mallet putter has an RRP of US$750 (AU$1,035) and will be available from the 8th of October.

Scotty Cameron phantom putter
Scotty Cameron phantom putter
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