Tiger Woods Reveals The 18-Hole Putting Courses He Designed (Which Open Next Week)
— 22 April 2022

Tiger Woods Reveals The 18-Hole Putting Courses He Designed (Which Open Next Week)

— 22 April 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Tiger Woods has been keeping himself busy lately… and we’re not just talking about his epic return to the game at Augusta for the 86th Masters. The 15-time Major winner has recently unveiled two 18-hole putting courses he personally conceptualised with his own firm TGR Design for PopStroke Entertainment Group – the latter of which is also co-owned by Tiger Woods’ TGR Ventures – and scheduled to officially launch in Sarasota, Florida on April 28th.

“Some of my happiest memories are spending time with my pops on the golf course having putting contests,” says Tiger Woods.

“We look forward to welcoming a new generation of players to our unique putting experiences at PopStroke Sarasota. And I’m looking forward to others enjoying time with their kids at PopStroke.”

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The putting courses created by Tiger Woods and TGR Design have been built entirely using synthetic turf, incorporating the undulations, bunkers, fairways, and rough you’d encounter on a traditional golf course with different ability levels in mind.

The Tiger Red Course is the most challenging of the two, featuring strong contouring and difficult hole locations; whereas the Tiger Black Course has softened contours to appeal to families, beginners, and your mate who couldn’t find the hole if they were standing in it.

But PopStroke isn’t exactly the legendary golfer’s first foray into course design – having previously led the creative charge in such par-3 projects as The Hay located at Pebble Beach, the Oasis Short Course at Diamante located in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas, as well as the 18-hole Payne’s Valley located in Ozark Mountain, Missouri. Nor is it the first occasion where he’s openly expressed his love for what the PGA Tour describes as one of “golf’s early access points.”

“My mom would give me 75 cents,” Woods recalled fondly during his induction speech at the 2022 World Golf Hall of Fame ceremony.

“So 75 cents would allow me to buy a hot dog, and 25 cents would be used on the payphone to call her to come pick me up.”

“If the payphone swallowed it, I had a backup. Well, that backup turned into putting contests… I ended up pocketing a few more quarters.”

And now, we patiently wait for the inaugural PopStroke Australia location. Find out more about the 18-hole putting courses designed by Tiger Woods via the link below.

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