Tiger Woods Reveals His Next Move After Nike Divorce
— Updated on 14 February 2024

Tiger Woods Reveals His Next Move After Nike Divorce

— Updated on 14 February 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The world waited with bated breath after the dissolution of Tiger Woods’ 27-year marriage with Nike. But all questions regarding the 15-time major winner’s next move have just been answered with a lifestyle brand he’s established in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf.

Introducing: Sun Day Red.

Tiger Woods initially inked a contract with TaylorMade for clubs (and Bridgestone for balls) shortly after Nike ceased production of golfing equipment back in 2016. With Sun Day Red, this partnership will now extend into an entire line of apparel and footwear, all emblazoned with a tiger logo stretched across the magic words (iconic red golf shirt and all).

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This standalone venture will rely on its own designers and staff, in addition to enjoying its own headquarters separate of TaylorMade. “Leaders” from both fashion and culture have also been recruited to run the operation, such as newly-appointed president Brad Blankinship, previously at the helm of Quiksilver and RVCA. 

As the website itself proclaims, Sun Day Red will be a brand that “promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion” with clothes featuring “never-before-seen patterns, fabrication, and technical detailing intended to elevate all levels of play.”

“I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed,” he stated.

“There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I’m ready to share those secrets with the world.” 

Throughout his career, Tiger Woods has worn a variation of red on Sundays due to his mother Kultida. Since then, it’s practically become synonymous with his growing mythology.

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“[Mum] thought, being a Capricorn, that my power colour was red, so I wore red as a junior golfer and I won some tournaments,” explained the 48-year-old GOAT. 

“Lo and behold, I go to a university that is red, Stanford is red. We wore red on the final day of every single tournament, and then every single tournament I’ve played as a professional I’ve worn red.”

Tiger Woods and TaylorMade’s Sun Day Red officially launches on May 1st, 2024. Find out more below.

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