Steph Curry Is Literally Breaking NBA 2K Game Development

Steph Curry Is Literally Breaking NBA 2K Game Development

On the court in real life, Steph Curry has quickly proven himself to be the best shooter in the history of the game, consistently making shots, that throughout the history of basketball would be considered frivolous, look easy. It’s a beautiful thing to watch as a spectator (and if you’re the man himself), but his insane shooting record over the last two seasons is proving to be quite the headache for the developers behind the NBA 2K video game.

The guys at ESPN asked the NBA 2K team to run 50 sims of this season, and in those simulations, Curry’s numbers looked nothing like his real-life numbers. Simply down to the fact that the game is built to reward players who play properly, not do the kind of thing that Steph does in real life with seemingly wanton abandon.

Here’s what gameplay director Mike Wang told Forbes:

“To be completely honest, we are still looking for ways to better translate his game into NBA 2K,” says Wang. “He’s a ‘rule breaker’ when it comes to jump shooting … he becomes a problem in the video game world where we’ve been trying to train our gamers [to know] that certain types of shots should be rewarded versus others.”

While the team at 2K is doing their best to fix this shooting anomaly for the next iteration of the game, we can’t help but feel that there should be some sort of exception for Curry by the 2K guys, something like a ‘we know he’s this good in real life but it’s no fun playing online against someone this good‘ clause.