— 13 June 2024

This UFC Docuseries Gives MMA The ‘Drive To Survive’ Treatment

— 13 June 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

If there’s one sport where fans naively claim to understand what really goes on behind the scenes, it’s mixed martial arts. But with the release of Fight Inc: Inside The UFC, those claims might have a little more credence from here on out.

This three-part documentary series is — as we’ve noted in the headline — MMA’s closest equivalent to the hit Netflix format Formula 1: Drive To Survive. Complete with virtually unrestricted access to top fighters and big-wig executives such as UFC CEO & President Dana White.

Providing insights into how bouts are negotiated; the tireless PR machine championing the world’s leading promotion; as well as the constant process of problem-solving required, Fight Inc wonderfully complements the UFC’s extensive coverage on its rostered athletes’ respective journeys vis-à-vis reality series/talent development funnels The Ultimate Fighter and Dana White’s Contender Series.

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Fight Inc also shines a spotlight on the less publicised power players steering the ship (at least in comparison to a perennial headline fixture like White). Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell, for example, proved to be a breakout star — a key figure who quietly stands in the wings and convinces fighters to sign the dotted line for the sake of maximum entertainment value.

Across these first episodes, it’s clear why this unassuming lawyer is the promotion’s heir apparent and, as premature as it may be to say at this stage, a worthy future successor to White.

Fight Inc: Inside The UFC

Our only gripes about what we’ve seen thus far?

For one, it’s been produced by Dana White himself. Meaning the examination of the company has been curated to death; often times encroaching upon corporate propaganda territory.

For another, the debut season has been limited to three less-than-hour-long instalments. And we’re craving more. Much more.

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How to watch Fight Inc: Inside The UFC in Australia

How to watch Fight Inc: Inside The UFC in Australia

Fight Inc: Inside The UFC is now streaming via Fight Pass here in Australia. Internationally, the documentary series can be accessed via Roku.

Given Fight Pass’ less-than-ideal UX, there have been several complaints that the docuseries is “hard to find” or “missing” from the platform.

I personally ran into issues digging it up, but based on my experiences, if you simply type “inside” into the search bar, it’ll pop up in a playlist below the fights that are prompted (for some reason “Fight Inc” didn’t yield any results).

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