Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

Each and every month in the Boss Hunting office we’re lucky enough to sample, find, taste, and curate some of the coolest stuff the world has to offer. From mini scuba tanks and John’s long-awaited OMEGA Seamaster to top-tier Theraguns and books to be a better man, these are Boss Hunting’s favourite things for January 2021.

Curated by Jack SladeJames WantGarry LuJohn McMahon, & Chris Singh

Scorkl Pro

The BH Daily above says it all, but for shallow diving in the peak of Aussie summer, the mini scuba kit from Scorkl doesn’t get much better. Optimised for a diving depth of around 5-6 metres (perfect for my local spot at Manly’s Shelly Beach), Scorkl tanks let you breathe freely underwater for 5-7 minutes at a time. We’d recommend ditching the physical pump and opting for a compressed air tank instead to make refilling hassle-free. PSA: Dive training is essential, and improper use can be dangerous. – John

OMEGA Seamaster 300M Diver

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

Ever since I wore the new Seamaster Diver 300M to a black-tie event in 2018, I’ve been hooked on the latest generation of OMEGA’s sportiest dive watch. Fast forward to January 2021, and I decided to spoil myself with that very same watch, albeit this time on black rubber. It’s amazing the quality and praise you can get around the $5k mark as a second owner, unlike other secondhand markets that, for those in the know, don’t need to be named. What really surprised me was the head-turning contrast of the white SuperLuminova on the deep, black wave dial. The rubber was a conscious choice; an effort to downplay the overcrowded steel bracelet and optimise it for casual summer wearing. – John

Theragun Pro

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

For some reason, I manage to crick my neck a few times a year. It’s painful, debilitating, but more than anything – annoying. When a Theragun arrived at the office for review I chucked it on my neck and within about 20 minutes of percussive therapy in the general area I was feeling infinitely more mobile. It’s not cheap, but it’s effective and over the course of its life will save you thousands in massage costs. – Jack

Venroy Shorts

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

At the start of summer I realised I was seriously short of…shorts. So I went down to Venroy and loaded up on a few different pairs. The ones that I’ve ended up wearing more than any other (and the ones I’m wearing right now) are the Tencel Lounge Shorts in black. Super comfy and work with pretty much any outfit. – Jack

“Breathe: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

I tried to resist landing on another tech device when deciding on my favourite thing for this January, and fortunately I’ve been stuck into this fascinating book by James Nestor. It was published last year but has been steadily picking up in hype – possibly because everyone is stressed as hell moving in 2021 and need to builds to build up their meditative skills. Essentially, the book is about the different breathing techniques used in various cultures throughout the ages, detailed in a way that really reiterates how altering breathing and practising mindfulness is as close to a superpower as humans will ever get. Although parts of it are poorly written and indulgent (James is a journalist after all), the research that has gone into this is more than enough to highlight and encourage more conscious breathing, and the resulting mental and physical health benefits it can bring. – Chris

Longines HydroConquest Boutique Edition

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2021

I’ve had my eye on this beauty for some time now. After a long year of ups and downs, it was generously delivered straight to my wrist. I love every single detail about it, from the ceramic bezel to the textured dial. What pictures alone cannot capture is its unique relationship with light. Under ordinary circumstances, it presents a spectrum which ranges from subdued green to almost grey (during the dimmer hours). In full unobstructed sunlight, however, it dazzles like an emerald. Essentially, it’s a nice and versatile timepiece which can simultaneously be worn on the daily as well as rise to those more formal occasions. – Garry

Fabbrica Take-Home Pasta Packs

Fabbrica Take Home Pasta

Like me, if you’re a purveyor of perfect pasta, you’ve probably already read my article on Fabbrica’s revolutionary take-home pasta packs. Brought to you by the brains behind Sydney’s Holy Trinity – Ragazzi Wine and Pasta, Love Tilly Devine, and Dear Sainte Eloise – Fabbrica’s collection of ‘finish-at-home’ pasta packs may be the greatest home dining hack of 2021, and for just $20. – James