Introducing Aesop Othertopias: A New Trio Of Unorthodox Fragrances


This month Aesop announced the launch of Othertopias, a trio of Eaux de Parfum designed to “reveal another view of the world, transporting wearers elsewhere to realms both real and imagined.” Developed in collaboration with long-term fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion, the three new scents titled Miraceti, Karst and Erémia are “inspired by the juxtapositions found in certain spaces—environments that blur the boundaries of past and present, real and unreal, here and there.” Essentially, the collection draws on acquired smells and experiences, recalling memories and transporting us to past places.

The Aesop Othertopias collection champions three scenes, looking to appeal to a wide range of customers. Miraceti or ‘The Boat’ will win over fans of oudy resinous scents, an intense and lingering homage to the serenity and savagery of the sea and distinguished by earthy woods mingling with resin and spice. Karst or ‘The Shore’ signals a landscape and seashore with Mediterranean flora, grounded in warm spice, dry woody notes and subtle smokiness. I find it to be more Asiatic than Mediterranean, dominated by cumin and vegetation rather than a distinct marine character.

Erémia or ‘The Wasteland’ is inspired by a world where moss and wildflowers coexist with wet concrete and the stagnating signs of civilisation contrasting waxy florals and earthy undertones with powdery musk. Erémia is the most intriguing and unisex of the three releases balancing the freshness of Yuzu, and floral notes of Iris dancing on the scent of concrete after the rain.

All three releases from the Aesop Othertopias collection arrive in 50ml bottles, priced at $220 and are available now.