The 15 Best Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces
— Updated on 3 October 2023

The 15 Best Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

— Updated on 3 October 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

A new hairstyle can transform your overall look, especially when you get a haircut that compliments your specific face shape. Heart face shape hairstyles for males consider the face length and shape to create a visually appealing look that accentuates your best features. 

So what is a heart face shape? Heart face shapes feature a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin (find more details here). Hairstyles for men with heart-shaped faces typically create an illusion of fuller-looking hair with a quiff or fade on the sides. Likewise, these hairstyles help to accentuate attractive features like a broad forehead and model high cheekbones. 

For men who are conscious of a pointy chin, these hairstyles can be paired with facial hair or long hair with face-framing layers that can help minimise the features you want less attention paid to. So if you’re ready to find the perfect heart-shaped face haircut, let’s get into 15 of the best.

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The 15 Best Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

1. Long Fringe

The long fringe is one of the best heart face shape hairstyles for males. This stylish look is achieved by having long hair at the front of the head over the forehead, which looks great when they transition into long layers at the back.

Fringe is another word for bangs, so a longer fringe works great to cover the wide forehead of heart-shaped faces and highlight attractive facial features like high cheekbones and a pointy chin. Those with straight, wavy, or curly hair can easily achieve this look with some maintenance, like using a blow dryer or hair products, which is needed to style your fringe how you prefer. 

2. Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is a classy and put-together haircut that’s perfect for men with heart-shaped faces because it accentuates the forehead and elongates the face. This look is easily achieved for men with straight hair by shortening the sides and keeping the hair on the crown of the head longer.

The front fringe raises slightly higher than the crown for a windblown effect that looks effortlessly handsome. The quiff hairstyle is a laid-back look that requires some maintenance, like blow-drying the fringe into place or using styling products to hold the hair back. 

3. Side Part

The side part is one of the best men’s haircuts, whether you have short or long hair. With the side part hairstyle, you brush some of your hair off to the side and the sweeping wavy layers elongate the face.

The side part combines a fade with a comb-over haircut to create a fuller-looking head of hair on men with wavy or straight hair. You’ll need to style your hair with a comb, blow dryer, and hair products to push your hair into place and keep it fresh all day. 

4. Slick Back

For a clean and professional look, go with the slick-back haircut. This is one of the best haircuts for men with heart-shaped faces because it looks good no matter the setting and doesn’t require much maintenance at all. 

First, you’ll want to shorten or fade the hair on the sides of your head, while keeping long-length hair on the crown. Instead of the fringe falling over the forehead, the slick back hairstyle pushes the hair at the front into the crown giving the appearance of someone who’s brushed their hair up and out of their face. This look is low-maintenance for men with straight or wavy hair but requires some styling efforts, like applying hair gel to preserve the pushed-back look. 

5. Short Faux Hawk

A short faux hawk is one of the best heart face shape hairstyles for males, no matter their hair type. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the short faux hawk cut keeps the hair longer at the top than the sides for a clean look that’ll turn heads. 

This rocker-inspired haircut creates visual balance for men with heart face shapes because it draws the eye upwards to the cheekbones and forehead instead of focusing on the chin. Some maintenance is necessary to keep your faux hawk in place, like using hairspray or gel to mould the hair at the top of the head into a standing position.  

6. Undercut

An undercut is another way to ask your barber for a mid to high fade and is hands down one of the best hairstyles for men with a heart facial shape. This look works great for men with a receding hairline because you only keep the hair on the top of the head long while the sides are cut low or shaved off completely. 

Similar to the quiff hairstyle or slick back haircut, the undercut is a popular hairstyle that creates a manly appearance by shortening the hair on the sides to create visual movement towards the crown of the head. Regardless of whether you’ve got fine hair or long straight hair, an undercut can emphasise the natural texture of your hair with soft waves pushed back or a soft fringe falling forward.

7. Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

A buzz cut with a skin fade is one of the easiest heart face shape hairstyles for males to maintain because it’s short all over, meaning you don’t have to work hard or use various hair products to style it to perfection. A buzz cut with a fade is ideal for any type of hair thickness or hair type because everything is trimmed down low, making it a good option for those with an oblong face shape or a square-shaped face.

Fade haircuts create visual movement because the hair on the sides gradually gets longer before reaching the top of the head. What’s more? This look works well with various beard styles like a short beard, or a long, full beard. 

8. Crew Cut

heart shaped face hairstyles

A crew cut is one of the best hairstyles for men that keeps the hair at the sides and back short while the hair at the top of the head is longer. Crew cuts are great for men with a heart facial shape because they draw the eyes toward the crown of the head.

This hairstyle accentuates the forehead and high cheekbones and pairs perfectly with any type of beard style. Crew cuts are ideal for those with wavy, curly, or straight hair types and are a great choice for men who wear hats or helmets during their day because this short hairstyle is less likely to lead to hat hair. 

9. Short Curls

heart shaped face hairstyles

If you have thick waves or curly hair, then this short curls hairstyle is for you. Instead of slicking back the hair to form a dome over the head, the short curls hairstyle lets those with wavy, or curly hair embrace their natural curls. 

This is the best hairstyle for those who want a low-maintenance hairdo because the sides are faded or cut short, while the curly hair at the top of the head is left to do as it pleases, maximising movement and giving the option for blunt bangs. You can style this look with a curly fringe or cut the fringe down to form a straight line or angular shape to style your hair according to your face shape. 

10. Pompadour

heart shaped face hairstyles

The pompadour stands apart from the quiff hairstyle by turning the volume up. This style combines the quiff and slick-back hairstyle but adds more volume near the forehead to create a larger-looking head shape. 

Typically a pompadour creates a raised dome over the top of the head for a voluminous look that showcases a full and healthy head of hair. The sides and back of the head are cut shorter, accentuating the high dome near the forehead. 

11. Spiky Haircut

heart shaped face hairstyles

Spiky hair is one of the best hairstyles for men who want a little more fun with a look that can add fullness without needing face-framing layers. This haircut is achieved with a medium fade at the sides of the head while the crown is left medium-length. 

The longer hairs are styled with hair gel to create a spiky and textured look that frames the face and draws attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and forehead. Some wearers keep a textured fringe or combine this look with a quiff hairstyle that pushes the fringe upwards. 

12. Bald Skin Fade Haircut

heart shaped face hairstyles

If you love the look of short hair, then a bald skin fade haircut is the hairstyle for you. This low-maintenance hairstyle has a bald fade on the sides while the hair at the crown of the head is cut short, creating a gradation of short to even shorter hair from the top to the sides. Instead of a fringe, this short haircut draws a clean line on the forehead for an even-looking hairline. 

This is one of the short haircuts that requires little styling effort apart from combing it out in the mornings. Plus, this hairdo looks great with every beard style, from freshly shaven to fully grown. The bald skin fade haircut works for people with heart-shaped faces because the clean lines and short hair draw attention to your attractive facial features. 

13. Flat-Top

heart shaped face hairstyles

The flat top haircut is easily recognized by faded sides and a crown of square-shaped hair. Flat-top hairstyles are one of the best for men with curly hair because their hair naturally keeps a square shape with minimal maintenance and styling efforts.

This hairstyle looks great on men with heart facial shapes because the upright hair on the crown helps elongate the face. Pair this style with a short beard to create a visual balance between the chin and the top of the head. 

14. Man Bun Undercut

heart shaped face hairstyles

A man bun undercut is one of the best hairstyles for men with shoulder-length hair who also want breathability for their scalp. A man bun undercut features faded sides while keeping the hair at the top of the head long enough to put into an updo. When you let your hair down, the undercut is hardly visible because the long hair drapes over. However, when you put your hair into a man bun, the nicely shaved sides are on full display. 

This is one of the long hairstyles suitable for men with straight, wavy, or curly hair. A man bun undercut is ideal for heart facial shapes because, when up, this style accentuates attractive facial features, and when down, the long hair frames the heart shape of the face. 

15. Relaxed Mid-Part

heart shaped face hairstyles

Last but not least, the relaxed mid-part is one of the best heart face shape hairstyles for males with straight, wavy, and thick hair. It can also work great for folks with diamond-shaped faces, as a mid-part can extend into side-swept bangs and if textured with wavy layers, make a diamond face shape have less of a narrow forehead.

This layered haircut is recognizable by a middle part and flowing hair. Instead of fading the sides, this look layers the hair on the sides and top for a full head of healthy-looking hair. Typically, this cut has the hair reach the cheekline or extend further down the cheekbones to frame the face. The relaxed mid-part is the right hairstyle for heart facial shapes because the parted hair accentuates the classic cartoon heart shape on the forehead, especially for men with a cowlick near their hairline. 

Heart Shaped Face Hairstyles Tips& Tricks

Avoid making common hair mistakes with these tips and tricks for styling heart face shape hairstyles for men. 

1. Use Hair Products

Hair products not only help you style your hair but can also keep it moisturized and healthy. Instead of relying solely on your blowdryer to push your hair into the correct place, take advantage of products like the following: 

  • Hairspray 
  • Hair Gel 
  • Claywax

These products can help you look like you just left the barbershop. For example, hairspray will keep a slick back hairstyle firmly in place, while hair gel will help you mould the perfect spiky hairstyle for an eye-catching look.   

2. Blow Dry Instead of Air Dry

A blow dryer is a must-have tool for men with a heart facial shape because you can use it to control the direction you want your hair to dry. For example, a quiff hairstyle has a windblown look at the fringe that is best achieved by blow-drying the hair while wet. 

3. Get Regular Trims

One of the best ways to maintain your hair is to get regular trims. You can visit the barber every two to three weeks to cut away hair growth or use one of the best beard trimmers to sheer away new growth for a fresh cut at home. 

Heart-Shaped Face Hairstyles for Men — Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heart-Shaped Face?

Heart-shaped faces are a type of face shape distinguishable by a narrow or pointed chin, broad forehead, high cheekbones, narrow cheeks, and long face. 

How do you maintain heart-shaped face hairstyles?

Regular haircuts are the best way to maintain a heart-shaped face hairstyle. Men should cut their hair every two to three weeks, especially if their hairstyle includes a fade. 

How do you style your heart-shaped face hairstyles?

Use styling cream, hair gel, or a blow dryer to style your heart-shaped face hairstyle. Depending on your haircut and hair texture, you can use a styling cream or hair gel to mould your hair into the shape you prefer. Alternatively, using a blow dryer on wet hair can produce a new look that differs from your regular air-dried style. 

What is the most popular heart-shaped face hairstyle in 2023?

The most popular heart-shaped face hairstyle in 2023 is the side-part comb-over cut. This sleek and classy look is one of the most flattering hairstyles and is popular among movie stars, including Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt. 

What is the easiest heart-shaped face hairstyle to maintain for men?

A buzz cut with a skin fade is the easiest hairstyle to maintain for men with heart-shaped faces because it’s simple and stylish without requiring styling products to achieve a put-together look. 

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