R.M.Williams Covers All Bases For Dad This Father’s Day

R.M.Williams Covers All Bases For Dad This Father’s Day

Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon


The list of Australia’s universally loved home-grown heroes is a relatively short one — Heath Ledger, Tim Tams and Steve Irwin come immediately to mind. But as far as the true-blue names that generations of Aussies have relied on, R.M.Williams stands head and shoulders above the rest as a brand that has built its reputation on dependability, no matter how you spend your days.

Originally created for the red-dust-covered stockmen of the outback, R.M.Williams boots have been a consistent feature of the boundless plains we share, thanks to their glove-like comfort without faltering in the harshness of the red centre. Today, you’re just as likely to spot a pair of iconic elastic-sided boots clicking against the paving stones of the city centre, proving the enduring versatility and appeal of the brand.

However, while the R.M.Williams Craftsman and its whole-cut leather siblings are as recognisable as our national coat of arms, the Adelaide-founded company has grown its offering in recent decades to offer the world much more than bulletproof boots. Today, R.M.Williams has a suite of premium goods that aim to elevate your every day, from handcrafted belts and durable travel bags, to thoughtfully made wallets and timeless rugbys, there’s something for everyone.

With this in mind and the upcoming occasion of Father’s Day, we thought it appropriate to explore exactly what R.M.Williams has to offer alongside its legendary footwear. Because after all, if it’s badged with the longhorn, you know it’s crafted to last.

R.M.Williams Wallets

There’s a diverse range of styles to be found in the R.M.Williams wallet line-up, from your classic bi-folds ($179) and vertical card holders ($99), to tri-fold designs made from kangaroo leather ($179) and pocket organisers ($179). As you’d expect from a name that’s built itself by creating classics, the range of colours is thoughtful and timeless, with your pick of black, tan, navy or dark brown in most of the wallet styles. If you’re after a Father’s Day gift that’ll remind your Dad what you mean to him on a daily basis, you can’t go past an R.M.Williams wallet.

R.M.Williams Bags

A great bag is a must-have for any Dad, because you know he’ll love using it. All of R.M.Williams leather bags are premium full-grain and available in at least a couple of different colours, with options such as the Hawkesbury Holdall ($699), Saddler Duffle bag ($999) or R.M.Williams overnight bag ($799) all perfect for travelling both for business and pleasure. If he’s the kind of Dad who prefers his swag to a memory foam mattress in a hotel, the water-resistant Sorrento Ute Bag ($389) is an ideal grab-and-go for any weekend camping trip, so there’s something for everyone.

R.M.Williams Belts

You never want a belt more than when you’re on a trip and realise you left it at home, which is why it’s hard to have too many of them, particularly when you’ve got a variety of options. Yes, you’ll want to make sure you’re matching the belt colour with your Dad’s favourite pair of boots, but beyond that, it’s impossible to go wrong with the 1 1/2″ plaited ‘o’ ring kangaroo belt ($319) or the 1 1/2″ traditional belt ($139). If Dad’s a button-down shirt guy from 9-5, then he’ll love the 1 1/4″ men’s dress belt ($149) or the Huntingdale belt ($149).

R.M.Williams Hats

All R.M.Williams’ wide-brim hats are made in Australia and are produced in partnership with another legendary local outfitter — Akubra. Responsible for the iconic “Croc” hat worn by Crocodile Dundee, Akubra has long made some of the best sun-protecting hats going around and this partnership with R.M.Williams just makes sense. The range offers a couple of options such as the Akubra cattleman hat ($259) or the Traveller Akubra ($269) which are perfect for city and country living, as well as the Akubra RM hat ($259) that was born for the outdoor adventure.

R.M.Williams Rugbys

Among the R.M.Williams polo and rugby options, the Tweedale Rugby ($139) is one of our absolute favourites and would be right at home in Dad’s wardrobe. Crafted from a heavy-weight jersey knit and cut for a timeless fit, it’s perfectly designed for trans-seasonal dressing. The classic design takes its inspiration from the vintage sportswear archives and is sure to only get more comfortable with age.

R.M.Williams Craftsman Boots

On the odd chance your old man hasn’t already been wearing a pair of Australian-made boots for the last couple of decades, it’s never too late to join the Craftsman club. As we’ve discussed at length in the past, the iconic boots responsible for R.M.Williams’ status as synonymous with lifelong dependability always make for a truly special gift.

Arriving in a range of different leather options (including Yearling, Kangaroo, Veal, Suede and more) and colours, the Craftsman boot ($649) is the perfect place for anyone to start such an enduring relationship. If you’re looking for something even more special, gifting Dad the Comfort Craftsman boot in Kangaroo leather ($699) or the Signature Craftsman boot in Veal leather ($1,059) are both sure-fire ways to leave a lasting impression on the old fella.

So if you’re wondering how to treat Dad this Father’s Day, while securing your position as the favourite member of the family in the process, a visit to R.M.Williams will set you in very good stead. From the everyday carry items such as a bag, wallet or even belt, to the boots that’ll last longer than your average mortgage, you really can’t go wrong.

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