Original ‘Back To The Future’ Nike Mag Sells For Over $90,000

Original ‘Back To The Future’ Nike Mag Sells For Over $90,000

The original Nike Mag sneakers from Back to the Future Part II has just auctioned for $92,100 USD (on eBay of all places). And as a prop created specifically for the production of the 1989 film, this particular pair of not-really-self-lacing kicks is genuinely one of a kind.

But before you all let the old envy monster rear its green head back at you, it’s important to note that this pair is not exactly in wearable condition. Almost thirty years old, a considerable amount of the sole has disintegrated, with more disintegrating as we speak. And in terms of colour, its definitely seen better days. 

Nike came out with functional self-lacing Mags back in 2016. The non-prop kind. Releasing a mere eighty-nine pairs into this vast world of ours, hypebeasts and enthusiasts alike could only purchase them with luck… and a bit of actual money. Those who wanted a shot of owning these kicks had to enter a raffle with a $10 ticket. The bulk of the proceeds were donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.


All things considered, it’s worth keeping on a wishlist somewhere under the heading “One day maybe”…