Trillion Dollar Coin Platinum

Why Does The US Government Want To Mint A $1 Trillion Coin?

Back in 2011, as a response to the United States debt-ceiling crisis, a theoretical solution was proposed to bypass Congress,…

NCAA College Athletes Paid NIL Football

US College Athletes Are Finally Getting Paid

As the NCAA approves the interim NIL policy, starting from July 1st, college athletes will finally be paid what they’re…

trump golf ap img 1

President Donald Trump Is Technically The 10th Highest Paid Athlete In America

Sponsored by the proud taxpaying citizens of the US of A.

The 1,500 Horsepower SpeedKore Dodge Charger Is Absolutely Bonkers

The former Charger Police Pursuit vehicle is now the ultimate weekend racer.

Inside An Outrageous $110 Million Lake Tahoe Mega-Mansion

This absolutely bonkers trophy residence is the definition of the ‘American dream’.

How America’s US$1 Billion Property ‘The Mountain’ Sold For Just US$100,000

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The Most Epic Ski Chalets Opening This Winter

Skip the endless summer and hit the slopes while staying at some of the most luxurious ski chalets in the world to open in winter of 2018.

Do You Style Up Like A Kingsman Or Swag Out Like A Statesman?

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle out this Thursday, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the Kingsman & their American cousins the Statesman

It’s Masters Week – Get Excited

Plant your seat at Amen corner and gear up for four days of twists and turns. It’s early April and…

Trudeau Calls Out Trump’s Alpha Handshake – Shows Who’s Boss

Rule No. 1 of being a man, nail the handshake.