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The Macallan & Bentley Motors Unite For A Sustainable Future Of Excellence

Few brands that call the United Kingdom home share a philosophy of craftsmanship as strongly as The Macallan and Bentley…

Tales of The Macallan

Macallan Unveils 71-Year-Old Single Malt Masterpiece With $113,000 Price Tag

To the delight of well-heeled whisky lovers around the world, Macallan has unveiled its latest masterwork of alcoholic alchemy, with…

The Macallan Private Jet Whisky Tasting Trip That Ends With A Yacht

If your dream vacation includes travelling by private jet and yacht, all while sipping some of the finest Macallan scotch…


The World’s Oldest Macallan Will Be Auctioned By Sotheby’s Next Week

The headline item in Sotheby’s Rare Spirits & Wine Sale.

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Someone Bought A US$1 Million Bottle Of Macallan Whisky Without Leaving Their Laptop

As you do…

The Macallan Exceptional Single Cask Series 68-Year-Old Single Malt

A wise investment.

A 1926 Bottle Of The Macallan Whisky Sells For A World Record-Smashing $2 Million

Now, at the end of November, the bar has been raised yet again in London.

Rare Bottle Of Macallan Sells For Record $1.5 Million

The 1926 Macallan Valerio Adami was once referred to as the “Holy Grail” of whisky by their in-house specialists was one of only 24 bottles ever made.

Macallan Release Ultra-Rare 72-Year-Old Single Malt In A Magnificent Display Case

The Macallan distillery is on an absolute mission so far this year, last month announcing its new structurally incredible $255m home, and, to kick off June, its oldest and rarest commercially available poison to date.

Take A Look Inside Macallan Estate’s New $255 Million Distillery

A brand that ages as well as their whiskey.

Macallan 1926 Duo Set Record As The Most Expensive Whisky Ever

The two whiskies come from a batch of just 24 examples which were bottled in 1926.

Two 60-Year-Old Macallan Whiskies Expected To Fetch $770,000

The Scotch whiskies were of a batch of just 24 examples, and are expected to rake in a staggering amount in May’s auction.