The Watery Graveyard Where The International Space Station Will Go To Die

Along with 263 other spaceships at the bottom of a 2 kilometre ocean trench.

NASA Announce A Return To The Moon With Epic Hype Video

NASA has announced its commitment to return to the Moon and onwards to Mars with an inspirational hype reel following Space Policy Directive-1.

The Private Space Race: Branson Claims Virgin Galactic Is ‘Weeks’ Away From Space

“More than tantalisingly close.”

Here’s What The Edge Of Space Looks Like From A U-2 Spy Plane

Ground control to Major Franquemont.

Japanese Space Rovers Send Awesome Images From Surface Of Asteroid

Japanese Spacecraft Hayabusa-2 has successfully transmitted images from the surface of an asteroid after successfully landing two rovers on the rock’s surface.

Raise A Toast With The Space Champagne Designed For Zero Gravity

Taste the future with Mumm.

Jeff Bezos Will Fly You To Space Next Year For $200,000

To the moon, Alice. To the moon.

First Ever Space Hotel Confirmed For 2021 Launch

Space tourism has forever been just out of arm’s reach. Now, its reality has a countdown.

Watch Virgin Galactic Successfully Test Its Rocket-Powered Spacecraft

SpaceX putting the pressure on.

SpaceX Teases World’s Most Powerful Rocket, The ‘Falcon Heavy’

So SpaceX, a company that has promised to get people commercially to space, released a teaser for a new rocket entitled Falcon Heavy…

Watch The First Ever 360-Degree Video Of A Spacewalk

The epic video of the spacewalk was captured during some International Space Station satellite launches back in August…

SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018

If there’s ever been a time to wonder whether or not tech billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is really just a…