Australia’s Best Beach Has Just Been Named For 2023
— Updated on 23 February 2023

Australia’s Best Beach Has Just Been Named For 2023

— Updated on 23 February 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Tourism Australia has once again published its list of best beaches in Australia for 2022. This year, Kangaroo Island’s Stokes Bay has dethroned Western Australia’s Misery Beach, in addition to beating over 11,761 other rivals for the top honour.

“Bouncing back from devastating bushfires is Kangaroo Island – its name alone conjures up an emblematic image of Australia. This is a sprawling island of immense natural beauty, brimming with wildlife on land and in sea,” explained Brad Farmer AM, Tourism Australia’s beach ambassador.

“Stokes Bay Beach on the gentler north coast, with its long 500-metre sandy sweep of low impact waves features a generous and safe tidal swimming pool for wading or snorkelling with its aquarium like atmosphere.”

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“There’s a timeless hint of mystique about this hidden treasure with a shimmering reward when the curtains lift. From the western entry carpark and seasonal café, this veiled beach is reached through a “secret tunnel” – a hand-hewn cavernous carved trail finally revealing a stunning scene as if rewarding the adventurer.”

“Stokes Bay is long overdue to be recognised as Australia’s Best Beach in 2023.”

Farmer added: “Australia really is just one big beach and there are simply so many surprises to be discovered in our own sandy backyard.”

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Interestingly enough, Cable Beach in Broome – which narrowly missed out on cracking the Top 10 in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards 2022 – is nowhere to be seen. Nor is Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach, which earned the #1 spot the year prior. Which really goes to show Farmer is staying true to his word about searching beyond the usual suspects.

“I’m really looking at the nooks and crannies and the stories and the communities that make a ‘best beach,'” he previously noted.

“People are looking for quirky and out-of-the-box beaches.”

Check out the best beaches in Australia for 2023 according to Tourism Australia.

The Best Beaches In Australia (2023)

  1. Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
  2. Boomerang Beach, Mid North Coast (New South Wales)
  3. Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Coast (Queensland)
  4. Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road (Victoria)
  5. Adventure Bay, Bruny Island (Tasmania)
  6. Hamelin Bay, South-West (Western Australia)
  7. Little Bondi Beach, East Arnhem Land (Northern Territory)
  8. British Admiralty Beach, King Island – Bass Strait (Tasmania)
  9. Flying Fish Cove Christmas Island
  10. Balmoral Beach, Sydney Harbour (New South Wales)

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