Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel Is All About The Simple Pleasures

A notable drawback about becoming an adult is how quickly you had to give up treehouses. Not so much because of all the opportunities for mischief that suddenly turned to dust; but the simplicity those summer afternoons gone by represent. With Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel located in the Ryckevelde forest of Belgium, there may be hope yet.

“Surrounded by nature, a view of a picturesque castle, and with your favourite company,” reads a translation of the official Boomkamp site description. “Enjoy the sunset… between the trees. Sleeping in a treehouse is back to basics and at the same time unique.”

There really isn’t much else to say about these humble yet elegant wooden constructions suspended three metres above ground. Aside from a cabin and a view, the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel really is about the bare-bone essentials. Guests should only expect:

  • Beds
  • Some fresh sheets & towels
  • Lighting & electricity
  • Shower block 75 metres from the main site

But maybe that’s exactly what you need. Time away to escape from everything you’ve come to know between a few wooden walls, under a tarpaulin roof, looking out at the world through a glazed wall.

Find out more about Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel by visiting their website below.