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Qantas 787 9 Brisbane St Lucia Australian Cricket Team

Why Did Qantas Fly 16,000 KM From Brisbane To Saint Lucia?

With the exception of a certain travel bubble that’s currently suspended, international flights from Australia have largely been grounded for…

jeff bezos petition space deny re entry earth

15,000 Sign A Petition To Deny Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth

Close to 15,000 individuals have signed a petition calling to deny Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos re-entry to Earth after his Blue…

‘Airline Visual Identity’ Is A $2,000 Bible On Aviation History

Although it may feel like nothing more than a cruelly dangled carrot in 2020, Airline Visual Identity (1945-1975) is one…

Etihad Is Offering Travel Vouchers With A Generous 50% Bonus

Boy oh boy, we’re a sucker for tasty deals here at Boss Hunting, but as far as high-flying goes, this…

Deliveroo Announce The World’s First Helicopter Restaurant Over London

Wheels up.

The World’s Longest Aircraft Will Have A Glass Floor

Disclaimer: the aircraft’s cabin is covered in glass.

The Watery Graveyard Where The International Space Station Will Go To Die

Along with 263 other spaceships at the bottom of a 2 kilometre ocean trench.

NASA Announce A Return To The Moon With Epic Hype Video

NASA has announced its commitment to return to the Moon and onwards to Mars with an inspirational hype reel following Space Policy Directive-1.

Japanese Space Rovers Send Awesome Images From Surface Of Asteroid

Japanese Spacecraft Hayabusa-2 has successfully transmitted images from the surface of an asteroid after successfully landing two rovers on the rock’s surface.

Elon Musk Confirms Japanese Billionaire As His First Moon Loop Passenger

Musk has appointed a fellow billionaire to be the first passenger to join a mission to loop the Earth’s moon.

Fly Like Iron Man In This $440,000 Jet Suit

A little bulkier than the Marvel version, but we’ll take what I can get.

Why Flying Is The One Skill Every Man Should Learn

We thought about how many lessons a man can learn from flying, turns out its the one skill above all.