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Casey Neistat Shows Us What It’s Like To Fly Emirates First Class

If you don’t already watch Casey Neistat’s daily vlog, we highly recommend you get started, the man is a content…

This Is How Budget Airlines Work

Have you ever wondered when booking a €10 flight from London to Prague, “do these guys make any money?”. Find out how budget airlines work.

The Beginners Guide To Travel Hacking: Never Fly Economy Again

Use these comprehensive travel hacking tips and never sit down the back again.

Awesome 360° Video Shows You Exactly What Happens In The Cockpit During Your Flight

Produced on a SWISS flight last month between Zurich and Geneva, this five minute video gives you a 360° look at everything that happens on a flight.

This Incredible Drone Footage Captures A Stand Up Paddleboarder With Two Whales

Check out this SUP’er in Esperance, Western Australia, who manages to find some friendly giants and has the experience of a lifetime.

Watch Two Planes Fly Through a Hangar in Red Bull’s ‘Barnstorming’

Two British Pilots Have Hit Speeds Of Almost 300kmh Through An Aircraft Hangar In Redbull’s Latest Stunt

Some Of The Best Drone Photos You’ll Ever See

A magical set of photographs by New Zealand photographer, Amos Chapple, from his ‘Air’ series.

5 Top Tips For Flying On A Budget

If money problems are preventing you from exploring the world then alas my friend, there is hope for you.