Louis Vuitton Dropped Their 2021 City Guide Books Just In Time For Your Next Trip

louis vuitton city guide

Louis Vuitton is a brand that has always had travel at its heart. The luxury brand began its life as a bespoke trunk maker for wealthy Parisians, before growing to create bags and suitcases for any adventure their clients might depart on. It makes sense then, that Louis Vuitton has its very own range of city guide books, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for on your next holiday, no matter what that might be.

The guide books offered by Louis Vuitton cover 15 of the worlds best cities, including Paris, London, New York, Berlin, and of course Sydney. Within the range of books, Louis Vuitton actually has three different collections, which are Fashion Eye, focusing on the local life and culture, Travel Book, showcasing a city through the lens of its art, and finally a practical range of City Guide books for everyday use.

The titles for all 15 cities around the world have been updated for the recent 2021 editions, highlighting only the newest and most interesting elements of each city. Included in each Louis Vuitton city guide is everything from five-star villas to boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants to local must-know venues, museums and monuments, and much more.

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Arriving as a slim pocket-friendly, journal-sized volume, the City Guide books are available in either English, French or Chinese translations, bound in one of several different textile covers. Each City Guide features a specially selected guest contributor, chosen as a local with significant insight into the happenings of the city they live in, essentially giving you a personal perspective on the best things to do.

The books are also available as either 7 or 15 volume editions, able to cover all of your favourite cities. The entire range of Fashion Eye, Travel Book and City Guide collections for this year are all available at selected Louis Vuitton boutiques or online.

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