Does life get much better than whisky delivered to your door?

You know that feeling you get after you've ordered something online? When you hear literally every single car drive past your house and can't help but think, is that it? Is that them?

Imagine if that package, and that feeling, came monthly - AND, it had whisky in it. I know, almost too good to be true. This service doesn't have to be for the true connoisseurs, though even they will discover the poison from an entirely new angle with a whisky subscription service from one of the locally based options below.

Whisky Loot

whisky loot

Our friends over at Whisky Loot offer an almost unbeatable service for Aussies. The concept is kept simple, with three new and unbranded 60ml bottles delivered each month to ensure the taster doesn't suffer from brand bias. Accompanying each product is a set of tasting notes, which all inclusively comes to $59 per month with free delivery. Boss Hunting fans get $15 off their first month with code BH15.

The Whisky Club


Being Australia's most established whisky subscription service allows them to source some serious contenders of the Scottish variety on an exclusive basis just for members.

Joining is free, with one or two bottle packages each month, meaning you only cough up a fee for what you actually drink. You'll also get 20% off some of the country's best whisky bars which simultaneously take the role of their 'Clubhouse' meeting joints.



It might seem like much of the same here, but WhiskyBox emphasise their worldly variety. Five 40ml bottles arrive at your door each month, but it isn't just another Speyside drop. WhiskyBox also preference their American bourbons, rye, Japanese whiskies and most importantly, Aussie whiskies. Choose from a monthly or quarterly membership.

The Whisky Order


Great for those starting out and overwhelmed with their options, The Whisky Order allows you to fine tune your tastebuds with samples, then request as you like. Quite heavily skewed towards Scotch.