What’s New On Stan Australia In November 2023?
— Updated on 7 June 2024

What’s New On Stan Australia In November 2023?

— Updated on 7 June 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Wondering what to watch on Stan now that you’ve breezed through Yellowstone, Gangs of London, and Billions? The Australian streaming service has historically maintained a rather active and fresh roster of movies, shows, as well as documentaries rotating across the platform, helping make Stan one of the best streaming services in Australia.

With an exciting list of new shows, new movies, and new documentaries premiering next month, Stan looks to compete against the likes of Netflix Australia, Binge, Paramount Plus, and Amazon Prime Video.

To help you brush up on what is coming to Stan and when, we’ve rounded up the release schedule for November 2023 so you have more to watch on the service than just the aforementioned essentials.

Here’s everything coming to Stan in November 2023, followed by our top three picks of the month in case you’re so indecisive you need to be told what to watch.

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New On Stan Australia In November 2023

New TV Shows On Stan

‘The Lazarus Project’ season 2 is coming to Stan in November.
  • Staged Season 2 (02/11/23)
  • Orphan Black: Echoes Season 1 (03/11/23)
  • Super Wish Season 1 (03/11/23)
  • Stacey Dooley Investigates: Nigeria’s Female Suicide Bombers (06/11/23)
  • Small Axe Season 1 (08/11/23)
  • 57th CMA Awards 2023 (09/11/23)
  • D.N.Ace Season 1 (10/11/23)
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1-4 (10/11/23)
  • Brave Bunnies Season 1 (10/11/23)
  • Inside the Sydney Opera House Season 1 (11/11/23)
  • Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of the World Season 1 (13/11/23)
  • Arctic Circle Season 3 (14/11/23)
  • 2023 Aria Awards (15/11/23)
  • The Lazarus Project Season 2 (15/11/23)
  • Scrublands Season 1 (16/11/23)
  • Back To Life Season 2 (16/11/23)
  • Caillou Special: The Silver Knight (16/11/23)
  • Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 (17/11/23)
  • Sort Of Season 3 (18/11/23)
  • The Case Against Cosby (19/11/23)
  • First Contact: An Alien Encounter (20/11/23)
  • Crime Story (20/11/23)
  • Inside Mean Season 1 (23/11/23)
  • Teletubbies Ready Steady Go Season 1 (24/11/23)
  • The First Lady Season 1 (24/11/23)
  • The Bridge (2018) Season 1-2 (27/11/23)
  • By Any Means Season 1 (29/11/23)

New Movies On Stan

‘Zoolander’ is coming to Stan in November.
  • Drive My Car (01/11/23)
  • Fury (01/11/23)
  • Knives Out (01/11/23)
  • Ace and the Christmas Miracle (01/11/23)
  • Christmas is Canceled (01/11/23)
  • Happy Christmas (01/11/23)
  • Christmas Casanova (01/11/23)
  • The Fabric of Christmas (01/11/23)
  • Maria Into Life (02/11/23)
  • Dinner for Schmucks (03/11/23)
  • Merry Magic Christmas (04/11/23)
  • Knight and Day (04/11/23)
  • Tobacco Barns (04/11/23)
  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (04/11/23)
  • Deck The Halls (2006) (05/11/23)
  • Bandit (05/11/23)
  • Notre Dame on Fire (05/11/23)
  • Sacrifice (05/11/23)
  • The King of Comedy (07/11/23)
  • Kompromat (07/11/23)
  • The Edge of Darkness (08/11/23)
  • Barbarella (09/11/23)
  • Personal Shopper (09/11/23)
  • Carmen (10/11/23)
  • Zoolander (10/11/23)
  • Boyfriend for Christmas (11/11/23)
  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (11/11/23)
  • Greenhouse By Joost (11/11/23)
  • Luzzu (11/11/23)
  • Aspromonte: Land of the Forgotten (13/11/23)
  • The Fountain (14/11/23)
  • Playing With Fire (15/11/23)
  • Street Kings (16/11/23)
  • Rat Race (2001) (17/11/23)
  • Winter Boy (17/11/23)
  • Big Momma’s House (18/11/23)
  • Big Momma’s House 2 (18/11/23)
  • Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (18/11/23)
  • Tigerland (19/11/23)
  • Wet Season (19/11/23)
  • Captain Volkonogov Escaped (20/11/23)
  • Unfaithful (21/11/23)
  • An Almost Perfect Town (21/11/23)
  • August: Osage Country (22/11/23)
  • The Host (2007) (22/11/23)
  • Still Life (2013) (22/11/23)
  • Jones Family Christmas (23/11/23)
  • Pride & Glory (23/11/23)
  • Coach Carter (24/11/23)
  • Bride Wars (25/11/23)
  • While At War (25/11/23)
  • The Grey (26/11/23)
  • Forever Enthralled (26/11/23)
  • Room 212 (26/11/23)
  • Savage Salvation (27/11/23)
  • Nonnas on the Run (27/11/23)
  • The Perfect Vagina (28/11/23)
  • Corpus Christi (28/11/23)
  • TT3D: Closer to the Edge (29/11/23)
  • Family Photo (29/11/23)
  • Drillbit Taylor (30/11/23)
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (30/11/23)
  • Summertime (L’estate Addosso) (30/11/23)

Sports On Stan

  • TBA

Best On Stan Australia In November 2023: Our Top Picks


In April 1945, the Allies are making their final push in the European theater. A battle-hardened Army sergeant named Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt), leading a Sherman tank and a five-man crew, undertakes a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Hopelessly outnumbered, outgunned and saddled with an inexperienced soldier (Logan Lerman) in their midst, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds as they move to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

It’s gritty and bombastic war action with Brad Pitt. What more could you ever want?

Coach Carter

In 1999, Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) returns to his old high school in Richmond, California, to get the basketball team into shape. With tough rules and academic discipline, he succeeds in setting the players on a winning streak. But when their grades start to suffer, Carter locks them out of the gym and shuts down their championship season. When he is criticized by the players and their parents, he sticks to his guns, determined that they excel in class as well as on the court.

A modern genre classic. Not quite Remember the Titans, sure, but it’s up there.

The Lazarus Project Season 2

Sky’s hit sci-fi drama series led by Paapa Essiedu is back to answer your long-awaited questions. The apocalypse will simply have to wait another day.

How Are Things Looking For Stan Australia In November 2023?

Stan has been lacking as of late. Of that, there is no doubt. Monthly release schedules have been looking stale but November seems to be bringing a few things of interest.

On the movie front, we’ve got Fury, The King of Comedy, Zoolander, Coach Carter, and (despite having been acquired “exclusively” by Netflix), Knives Out holding down the fort.

Yet, Stan has always really gotten by on its big-ticket TV shows like Yellowstone, Breaking Bad, and Billions. There hasn’t been any of that lately so Stan is lucky it’s already got a strong stack of content to keep streamers busy and on-side while the streaming wars continue to heat up.

The new additions should be just enough to keep justifying your Stan subscription price.

Not interested in what’s new on Stan Australia? Check out our monthly updated release schedules for:

And if you’re still wondering what you should sign up for, check out our in-depth round-up of the best streaming services in Australia.

New On Stan Australia — Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shows on Stan Australia?

The best shows on Stan Australia include Billions, Yellowstone, Gangs of London, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and Fargo.

What are the best movies on Stan Australia?

The best movies on Stan Australia include Children of Men, The Machinist, It Comes At Night, Requiem for a Dream, In Bruges, Mulholland Drive, Interstellar, Jacob’s Ladder, Enemy, The Mist, No Country For Old Men, Pulp Fiction, and Warrior.

What should I watch on Stan Australia in November 2023?

Stan Australia has plenty of new content to stream in November with highlights including Fury, Coach Carter, and The Lazarus Project season 2.

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