Kodak Is Selling The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle For US$500

You may recall the moment we announced that Amazon was selling the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle at 40,320 pieces for US$999. Well as of now, the title of world’s largest jigsaw puzzle belongs to another set: Kodak’s 51,300-piece “27 Wonders of the World” offering currently selling for just half the price at US$500.

Measuring at 8.67 metres x 1.90 metres (16.47 square metres), the entire set is comprised of 27 separate sites. From the Statue of Liberty to the Colosseum. Unsurprisingly, the total weight of the Kodak World’s Largest Puzzle comes to a whopping 18.5 kg.

This may be a challenge but only if you choose. As you’ll soon find, this set comes with a large reference poster, helpful instructions, and tips for when you get stuck, as well as some additional information about each location.

Now, onto the matter of estimated time to complete. Ravensburger estimated that it would take 600 hours to complete the former world’s largest jigsaw puzzle (8 hours a day for the next 75 days). Safe to say, without the reference poster, instructions, and tips, this current one may very well exceed that.

The Kodak “27 Wonders of the World” is currently sold out at Amazon, but you can cop it over at puzzlewarehouse.com.