Puzzle Post: Australia’s First Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription Service

As many of us approaching the mid to late twenties will confirm, some nights all you want is a stiff drink, the air-conditioning on full blast, and a moderately challenging puzzle to burn those quiet hours away.

Now, you can enjoy personalised puzzle packages delivered right to your doorstep thanks to Australia’s first jigsaw subscription service – Puzzle Post.

In an era where there’s a subscription service for practically everything – film & TV, alcohol, groceries, clothing, etc. – this is quite a logical evolutionary step. And a welcome addition to the subscription-based entertainment, at that.

So how is this personalised? Prior to purchasing anything, customers are asked to answer a few quick questions in order to tailor the delivered products appropriately. Levels of intensity, aesthetic, themes. There are reportedly over twenty-five categories to choose from. Puzzle Post even offers replacements packages in the event customers are sent a puzzle they already hold in their personal collection.

Subscriptions vary in pricing depending on the difficulty and age brackets. In terms of the former, this ranges from Easy (100 pieces), Medium (500 pieces), Hard (1000 pieces), to Expert (2,000+ pieces).

For adult memberships, Puzzle Post gives you the option to choose from the following:

  • a one-month puzzle delivery ($33-$63)
  • a three-month membership ($99-$189)
  • a six-month membership ($198-$378)
  • or a twelve-month subscription ($396-$756)

Alrighty then… so no more complaints about having nothing to do on a quiet one from here on out. Agreed? Swell.

Find out more and maybe even cop your very own subscription at puzzlepost.com.au today.

If this doesn’t strike you a challenging enough, check out the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle – boasting of over 40,000 pieces and currently selling on Amazon for $999.