Tom Brady Is Playing Himself In The Most Unexpected Movie

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With the announcement of his retirement from the NFL at age 44, TB12 has officially completed the main quest. All that’s left for Tom Brady are the side missions, which apparently involves launching his own fashion brand, throwing back some avocado tequila, and starring as himself in a road trip comedy movie titled 80 For Brady.

Sharing a screen with a quartet of screen icons – Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Morena – this cinematic milestone in the making is based on the true story of four women who embark on a “life-changing” trip to see their hero, Tom Brady, play at Super Bowl LI, and all the “chaos that ensues” as they navigate the wilds of America’s biggest sporting event.

For those who don’t know shit about NFL, Super Bowl LI was when the legendary quarterback staged an impressive comeback against the Atlanta Falcons to secure the New England Patriots’ fifth championship title. Brady would eventually collect seven rings throughout his entire career – six with the Patriots and a final one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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As much as this may seem like a left of field decision for the ex-athlete, Tom Brady has played himself as many times as he’s won the Super Bowl: The SimpsonsFamily GuyEntourageEntourage: The MovieTed 2… Netflix’s Living With Yourself… and in a Seven Bucks Digital Studios television short entitled Tom Brady Takes On The Rock, per IMDb. The only key exception is when he deviated from the formula and took on the role of Computer Geek #1 for Stuck On You back in 2003. Fascinating stuff.

80 For Brady is to be directed by Kyle Marvin (All Wrong), who also co-wrote the latest version of the screenplay with Michael Covino (The Climb); the first draft was penned by Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins, best known for collaborating on the celebrated coming-of-age flick directed by Olivia Wilde, Booksmart. Side note, Marvin will soon appear in the Apple TV+ limited series WeCrashed starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, which every publication covering the 80 For Brady seem so eager to point out.

In addition to taking centre stage, Tom Brady has also signed on to produce the joint through his recently-established company 199 Productions. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s been “deeply involved” with the development process of this project alongside Donna Gigliotti (Silver Linings Playbook, Beast of No Nations, Hidden Figures), Endeavour Content, and of course, Paramount Pictures.

Cameras are scheduled to begin rolling in the next few months during the US spring, with the final cut slated to hit theatres sometime in 2023 – stay tuned for more updates on 80 For Brady (release date, trailer, etc.).