Forbes List Highest-Paid Musicians Of 2017

Diddy seems to be hitting everything out of the park. After taking out the title of world’s richest hip-hop musician earlier this year, he’s now been crowned highest earning musician according to Forbes, which is an impressive feat considering the competition.

In order to gain top spot, Diddy more than doubled his value to a whopping $130 million USD in 2017, with various ventures bolstering his success. Beyoncé grabbed the number two spot with $105 million USD thanks to her Formation tour. Meanwhile, Drake‘s $94 million USD puts him in third place, with The Weeknd at 4th with 92 million USD, and Coldplay‘s 88 million USD at 5th.

The rest of the top performers can be checked below and you can also peep here to revisit the richest rappers.

6. Guns N’ Roses (84 million USD)
7. Justin Bieber (83.5 million USD)
8. Bruce Springsteen (75 million USD)
9. Adele (69 million USD)
10. Metallica (66.5 million USD)
11. Garth Brooks (60 million USD)
11. Elton John (60 million USD)
13. Paul McCartney (54 million USD)
13. Red Hot Chili Peppers (54 million USD)
15. Jimmy Buffett (50.5 million USD)
16. Calvin Harris (48.5 million USD)
17. Taylor Swift (44 million USD)
18. Kenny Chesney (42.5 million USD)
19. Luke Bryan (42 million USD)
19. Celine Dion (42 million USD)
19. Jay-Z (42 million USD)
22. Tiesto (39 million USD)
22. Bruno Mars (39 million USD)
24. The Chainsmokers (38 million USD)
24. Jennifer Lopez (38 million USD)