Cult Hit Sitcom ‘Blue Mountain State’ Has A Sequel Series Cooking
— 26 February 2024

Cult Hit Sitcom ‘Blue Mountain State’ Has A Sequel Series Cooking

— 26 February 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The Sopranos creator David Chase might believe the “golden age” of television is officially over, but between the prestigious likes of FX’s Shogun and the news that Blue Mountain State is making a comeback with a sequel series, we think there’s a new gilded era of serialised entertainment on the horizon.

According to Deadline, the beloved sitcom’s long-awaited return is currently negotiating a destination, which has come down to a battle between Amazon Prime Video and the ubiquitous Netflix. Both of which have their own reasons to nab this one.

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Netflix is where the existing episodes of Blue Mountain State stream internationally (and have since found a second life as a cult hit). Prime Video, on the other hand, is where Blue Mountain State star Alan Ritchson — who’s set to reprise his role as Mountain Goats team captain and linebacker Kevin “Thad” Castle — headlines the platform’s immensely popular Reacher.

Ritchson’s co-leads Darin Brookes and Chris Romano — the latter of whom co-created the series with Eric Falconer — are also expected to reprise their roles as laconic/low-effort quarterback Alex Moran and schlubby team mascot Sammy Cacciatore.

As we’ve outlined on a previous occasion, at face value, Blue Mountain State seems like nothing more than dumb frat bro fodder: think Animal HouseVan Wilder, and American Pie meets Friday Night Lights with a hint of Ted Lasso. And don’t get me wrong — a good chunk of the storylines/punchlines involve the holy trinity of campus life (sex, drugs, partying).

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But stick around a little longer and it reveals Community-esque levels of writing with genuinely laugh-out-loud comedy; a healthy balance of both low and high brow that your run-of-the-mill movie buff will get a proper kick out of.

After its short-lived three-season run on Spike from 2010 to late 2011, there was a sustained fam campaign for a revival of the raunchy All-American hilarity, culminating in a feature-length film dubbed Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland in 2016.

Keep an eye out here for potential updates on the Blue Mountain State sequel series.

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