What’s New On Amazon Prime Video Australia In February 2024?
— Updated on 19 February 2024

What’s New On Amazon Prime Video Australia In February 2024?

— Updated on 19 February 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It really is a battle of the streaming services right now, and thankfully, the only winner out of this will be you: the content-hungry consumer.

We’ve already let you in on what you should expect from Netflix Australia and other streaming services this month, but now, it’s time to divulge the latest monthly release schedule for Amazon Prime Video Australia in terms of TV shows, documentaries, films, and original content.

Here’s everything coming to Amazon Prime Video Australia in February 2024, followed by our top picks from the schedule — the highly-anticipated Mr & Mrs Smith series starring Donald Glover and Maya Eskrine, The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, and The Grand Tour: Sand Job.

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New Releases Coming To Amazon Prime Australia In February 2024

Movies Coming To Amazon Prime In February 2024

  • Fast & Furious (1/02/24)
  • Fast & Furious 6 (1/02/24)
  • Furious 7 (1/02/24)
  • The Fast and the Furious (1/02/24)
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (1/02/24)
  • The Fate of the Furious (1/02/24)
  • Gunpowder Milkshake (1/02/24)
  • Diamond Doves at RWE (3/02/24)
  • Bottoms (6/02/24)
  • The New Boy (6/02/24)
  • Den of Thieves (6/02/24)
  • Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story (8/02/24)
  • Upgraded (9/02/24)grand
  • Colombiana (10/02/24)
  • Five Blind Dates (13/02/24)
  • You Hurt My Feelings (13/02/24)
  • Bad Moms (13/02/24)
  • Bad Moms 2 (13/02/24)
  • The Voices (14/02/24)
  • Two Night Stand (14/02/24)
  • This Is Me… Now: A Love Story (16/02/24)
  • Blue Checks at City Reapers (17/02/24)
  • American Fiction (27/02/24)
  • Life, Itself (27/02/24)
  • The Equalizer 3 (29/02/24)

TV Shows Coming To Amazon Prime In February 2024

  • In the Land of Saints & Sinners (1/02/24)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith S1 (2/02/24)
  • Silent Service S1 (9/02/24)
  • Love Storiyaan S1 (14/02/24)
  • Pensati Sexy (12/02/24)
  • The Teddy Teclebrhan Show S1 (20/02/24)
  • The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy S1 (23/02/24)
  • Friends in Low Places S1 (29/02/24)
  • Reina Roja S1 (29/02/24)
  • Mission Start AB S1 (16/02/24)

Sports Content Coming To Amazon Prime In February 2024

  • Diamond Doves at RWE (3/02/24)
  • RWE at YNG Dreamerz (10/02/24)
  • Blue Checks at City Reapers (17/02/24)

Documentaries Coming To Amazon Prime In February 2024

  • The Grand Tour: Sand Job (16/02/24)

Below you’ll find our favourite new additions to Amazon Prime Video in February 2024.

Highlights From Amazon Prime Video’s February 2024 Release Schedule

Mr & Mrs Smith series

Two lonely strangers land a job working for a mysterious spy agency that offers them a glorious life of espionage, wealth, world travels and a dream brownstone in Manhattan. Now hitched, John (Donald Glover) and Jane Smith (Maya Eskrine) navigate a high-risk mission every week while also facing a new relationship milestone. Their complex cover story becomes even more complicated when they catch real feelings for each other. What’s riskier, espionage or marriage?

Boss Hunting actually had the distinct privilege of previewing the entire first season ahead of its release and all we’ll say is this: f**king wow. From the writing to the performances to the cinematography, this one is a certifiable homerun. Think Glover’s Atlanta meets Killing Eve with a dash of Succession. Keep an eye out on the site for the full review.

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) always feels like an outsider, but he defines himself through his victories as a street racer. His hobby makes him unpopular with the authorities, so he goes to live with his father in Japan. Once there and even more alienated, he learns about an exciting, but dangerous, new style of the sport. The stakes are high when Sean takes on the local champion and falls for the man’s girlfriend.

Yes, it’s just one of six Fast & Furious movies coming to Amazon Prime Video, but in our opinion, this is the only franchise instalment worth talking about. In fact, to this day, we believe it’s the best one (and Christopher Nolan would agree).

The Grand Tour: Sand Job

In the remote African country of Mauritania, our trio (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May) follows in the footsteps of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally. Instead of bespoke Dakar racers, the boys must complete their journey in cheap modified sports cars.

While Amazon Prime Video has yet to reveal a specific release date, it has confirmed the long-awaited instalment of The Grand Tour is scheduled to begin streaming sometime in February 2024. Keep an eye out here for key updates.

UPDATE [16/02/2024]: Now streaming.

How Are Things Looking For Amazon Prime Video Australia In February 2024?

In light of the latest Prime Video release schedule, it seems like we’re entering something of a quiet period again. But you’d be mistaken.

Beyond the second season of Reacher and Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn and Jack Reacher season 2 wrapping up, there’s the Mr & Mrs Smith series starring Donald Glover and Maya Eskrine, the second part of Invincible season 2, as well as the long-awaited The Boys season 4 on the horizon.

Hopefully, Amazon Prime Video will begin ramping it up even further soon enough. Especially now that both the Writers’ Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are over.

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New On Amazon Prime Video Australia February 2024 — Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the free trial for Amazon Prime Video Australia?

Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial for new streamers, giving you an entire month to watch new content including Amazon Prime originals and exclusives like The Boys, The Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power, and Luxe Listings.

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost in Australia?

An Amazon Prime Video subscription in Australia will cost you $9.99 per month.

How do I access Amazon Prime in Australia?

Amazon Prime Video is now incredibly accessible in Australia. The service can be streamed on your computer via a web browser or by using the dedicated Amazon Prime Video app for Android and iOS. The Prime Video app can also be downloaded through LG and Samsung smart TVs as well as PlayStation and Xbox.

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