— 8 April 2024

Our 6 Favourite Watches From Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’

— 8 April 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

A $110 million divorce settlement does a lot for a man, including pronouncing his taste in life’s finer things. Such is the case with Guy Ritchie‘s The Gentlemen spin-off series, the latest highly-bingeable Netflix hit, which showcases some of the most opulent watches known to man.

To complement what’s been dubbed “Cock Couture,” the costuming department assigned cast members with £6 million worth of character-appropriate timepieces: from Duke of Halstead Eddie Horniman’s (Theo James) military-spec Bremont Broadsword — and later a gilded Patek Philippe Nautilus once his inheritance is secured — to seedy boxing promoter Henry Collins’ (Max Beesley) gold Rolex Daydate.

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What may strike you as superficial materialism is actually another brushstroke in Ritchie’s detailed characterisations. As his longtime costume designer Loulou Bontemps revealed, they spent an entire week discussing watches to determine the right pairing.

“The conversational provenance and how the price point of a watch changes just because someone like Elizabeth Taylor or Cary Grant wore a timepiece really interested Guy,” she explained to GQ; referencing the Patek Philippe supposedly owned by Winston Churchill featured the series (which now belongs to Giancarlo Esposito’s machiavellian billionaire kingpin Stanley Johnston).

“It adds millions to the value of it, which is what’s crazy but wonderfully fascinating about watches.”

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Bontemps continued: “What’s interesting about watches is you have wealthy people versus actual collectors, who aren’t necessarily wealthy but through time have collected what are now huge investment pieces.”

“These watches essentially get passed down through the family, so we played with that idea in The Gentlemen.”

Check out BH’s top picks of The Gentlemen watches above.

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