The Impressive Snapshots From This Year’s RAF Photographic Competition

This year’s British Royal Air Force (RAF) Photographic Competition has yielded some impressive snapshots. Chiefly among them is an incredible selfie taken by Corporal Tim Laurence in the cockpit of his RAF Hawk T2 during a training sortie (the one that lead you to click on this here article). 

This cockpit selfie has been nominated for the People’s Choice category of the annual competition, and it offers an exhilarating day-in-the-life insight to the duties of a British RAF pilot. I mean, it’s no inverted bird flip, but it’ll do. And it’s definitely got our kudos.

This time round the annual competition saw over 1,000 photo submissions, as well as 25 videos, all across 13 categories. Contrary to its name, submissions are accepted from both military and civilian photographers. 

The winning photo will be announced on September 20th of this year, voting closes on the 16th.

Check out some highlights from the People’s Choice nominations in the gallery above, and see the full selection from this year’s competition here.