The Cost Of Private Education For Two Kids In Sydney Nears $1 Million
— Updated on 31 January 2023

The Cost Of Private Education For Two Kids In Sydney Nears $1 Million

— Updated on 31 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

A report published by The Sydney Morning Herald this week has indicated parents are paying an outrageous amount for their children to attend the most elite private schools in Australia.

Here in Sydney for example: over the 13-year period in which two of your offspring are enrolled in such an institution, once you factor in the laptops, musical instruments, excursions, and uniforms, the total comes to an average of $715,862 – with school fees only accounting for roughly 52% of that sum.

But if you were to send your kids to a top end school like Kambala at Rose Bay – reputedly the most expensive in the country; incurring a cost of around $514,000 for a single child to progress from K-12 – even after factoring in the 10% sibling discount it offers, you’re looking at just a few grands shy of $1 million.

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“The Scots College in Bellevue Hill costs $459,975 for one boy to attend for 13 years of schooling, while fees for a girl during the same period at SCEGGS Darlinghurst currently stand at $476,696,” elaborates Lucy Carroll and Christopher Harris of the SMH.

“Futurity Investment Group executive Kate Hill said she believed the high spend on outside tutors was due to COVID as parents sought to make sure their child was not behind.”

It’s worth noting Sydney public education is also currently the heftiest around at $89,500 with the split between school fees and ancillary costs being skewed significantly in the direction of the latter.

Catholic schooling in the Harbour City, however, is apparently the most affordable right now. Although at $178,478 for the same 13 years, it’s a small comfort given that’s still close to double the public system’s estimated figure.

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“Our research shows that for a child starting government primary school this year will cost parents $208 in school fees and $6,548 in ancillary costs (uniforms, outside tuition, electronic devices),” notes Futurity Investment Group.

“The best way to take control of your child’s future is to plan and save to meet future education costs.”

Compare the numbers for yourself below.

The Average Cost Of Education For A Child In Australia From Kindergarten To Year 12 (Public, Private, Catholic)

NSW (Regional & Remote)$82,823$158,553$218,732
QLD (Regional & Remote)$68,597$154,661$196,876
SA (Regional & Remote)$81,824$157,025$238,625
VIC (Regional & Remote)$75,217$165,262$208,057
WA (Regional & Remote)$70,774$165,889$198,507
National (Metro)$87,528$184,545$300,233
National (Regional & Remote)$75,795$163,578$300,233

Source: Futurity Investment Group

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