WATCH: Russian Economist Drinks To “Death” Of Country’s Stock Market On Live TV

Alexander Butmanov Death Russia Stock Market Drink

Like the vast majority of us, Alexander Butmanov – CEO & Founder of leading algorithmic fund: DTI Algorithmic – is tired of living through chapters of future history textbooks. Precedented times are, of course, now a distant memory. From warfare to the ongoing plague, we’re effectively in the end days. But this wasn’t exactly the sentiment a Russian financial channel was expecting when they invited the bloke onto a live broadcast, and certainly not in such ballsy fashion.

The producers should’ve probably raised a red flag when Butmanov opened the segment by refusing to say “good afternoon” in return. The reason? The guest analyst didn’t see a future in his industry, given the sanctions imposed by the US and European countries as a response to Ukraine’s invasion. When prompted about whether exchange strategies are outdated, as well as whether he wishes to remain in his current profession, the mad lad offered a hilariously laissez-faire response.

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“As a last resort, I will work as [a dress-up] Santa Claus like I did 25 years ago,” said Alexander Butmanov before reaching for a bottle.

“Jokes aside, let’s get this done quickly… I send my regards to Sergey Usichenko, who drank 13 years ago to the death of the stock market. Today, I drink soda.”

“Dear stock market, you were close to us, you were interesting. Rest in peace, dear comrade.”

The host, who clearly wasn’t briefed on this gesture, concluded the interview by saying, “I won’t comment on this flash mob because I don’t want to believe it,” as Big Man Butmanov downed his sugary poison like a champion.

According to Bloomberg, Russia’s decision to halt local trading for the fourth consecutive day represents the country’s longest pause since 1998. And at the time of this writing, the Russian rouble is valued at just $0.0091 USD. As many financial meme pages have pointed out, that’s less than a Robux, the currency for the popular kid’s video game Roblox, which currently sits at a value of $0.11 USD.

Check out Alexander Butmanov toasting to the “death” of Russia’s stock market on live television for yourself below.