Aussie Bloke Ryan Pomeroy Breaks Dog Walking World Record

world record dog walking - ryan pomeroy
Credit: Break Neck Images

Gold Coast dog walker/whisper Ryan Pomeroy has broken the world record for walking the most pooches simultaneously by an individual over a single kilometre.

The title was previously held by another Aussie – professional dog trainer Maria Harman – who set the standard after leading a respectable total of 36 canines on leash back in 2018. Pomeroy, the man behind Luna Moon’s Dog Walker service, managed to up the stakes with 55 of his regular customers.

While 55 is certainly an impressive number to mark down, Pomeroy had originally planned to attempt the world record for dog walking with 72 furry friends – double that of Harman’s Guinness-accredited figure. The additional 17 participants, however, fell through.

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While there’s no disputing the deed was accomplished (which you can watch for yourself below), whether Ryan Pomeroy’s attempt will actually be recognised by the Guinness World Record organisation is another matter entirely. At one stage, some of the leads were tangled, making it necessary for a third party to intervene, which leaves the official world record somewhat in doubt.

“It didn’t quite go as I planned and that’s my fault,” says Pomeroy.  

“We’ll try again… I don’t know when. It was quite the planning process so maybe in about six months.”

“We’re waiting to hear.”