The power of habit is something the majority of us vastly underestimate. In fact, there's actually an entire book on that very subject. Which begs the ten-figure question: what is it within the routines of the self-made and the successful that separates them from the rest of us?

Here are five things some billionaire CEOs do every day of the week, all year round, before 8AM.

Warren Buffet (Berskshire Hathaway): light reading...


Here at BH, we've never shied away from writing about the Oracle of Omaha. Nor have we ever shied away from touting the benefits of reading. So you can imagine the combination of the two is something we'd froth highly.

Buffet generally aims to consume roughly five-hundred pages of information every week, averaging out to around seventy pages a day. The philosophy behind this is to always go to bed smarter than when he woke up, and it's one we should all adapt. 

Buffet also believes this the key to building compound knowledge, eventually becoming a "wellspring" of knowledge. One of two compounding factors that has lead to success as the legendary investor we know and love today.

Mornings are an ideal time to read. Your mind is practically renewed, and what better way to reboot the old hardware upstairs than with a bit of cerebral stimulation? 

Bill Gates (Microsoft): hop on the treadmill with a bit of TV...


Mind, body, and spirit, as they say. How does the founder of Microsoft unify all three before his morning coffee? By hopping on the treadmill for an hour or so while he absorbs the daily broadcast on The Teaching Channel.

The more you read about these titans of industry, the more you'll find that successful individuals will always (always) find time to take care of themselves, in addition to being deeply immersed in a constant (constant) state of education. Never stop learning. It's quite zen, really. But approach the road ahead with the whole "All I know is that I know nothing" mentality and the sky is the limit.

Jack Ma (Alibaba): Tai Chi... 


First off, of course it is. Secondly, of course it is

Beyond the cultural staple of Tai Chi in China which is practised by every elderly person and my dad, it has to be noted: having a personal fortune of nearly $40 billion USD as well as running a company with a market cap more than ten times that must be stressful. How does one counter said stress? Meditation and exercise. And where do the two meet? Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is an ancient, now non-combative, martial arts, and it's one that focuses on reaching the calm and internal equilibrium within. With slow, fluid, and deliberate movements, it's an exercise of focus and stamina through and through. Fun fact, Ma brings his instructor along everywhere he goes - especially on business trips. 

Sergey Brin (Google): drink green tea...


This one is the easiest to adopt. 

Similar to Gates, Brin always engages in some morning exercise. What differentiates him from both Gates and everyone else who partakes in morning workouts is his enthusiasm towards downing some green tea. 

Brin is quite a fan reportedly drinking at least two cups a day. According to the man himself, this regular consumption of the stuff will apparently protect him against Parkinson's disease. I'm not too sure about that one, chief, but you do you...

(Some) research has shown that it may also be able to protect you from cancer. Apparently. Again, don't quote me on that. What I will say for sure is that it does help your metabolism and has a calming effect while waking you up in a more gentle way than that double-shot macchiato.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook): wear the same t-shirt/start pretending to be human...


The Ultimate Zucc doesn't wake up before 8AM - he wakes up on 8AM precisely. Almost mechanical, as some would say...

Before Mark Zuckerberg launches human.exe to interface with us flesh and blood beings, he redirects his RAM exclusively to "the big decisions". Which is why he wears the exact same thing every day, much like Einstein and Steve Jobs before him, thereby freeing up the mental capacity to focus on the really important things. Like what to report back to the alien overlords that sent him here...

All his tees are exactly the same, and I'd imagine the sneaker and jeans situation can't be much different (literally). Believe it or not, this does save precious minutes and seconds. More time to stand in front of the mirror and practice a few "Senator... w-we run ads...".


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