What It Takes To Be A Top 1% Earner Around The World (Net Worth)

2021 Knight Frank Wealth Report - top 1% earner net worth

The annual Knight Frank Wealth Report (2021 Edition) has published a breakdown of what it takes to be considered a top 1% earner around the world. The most fascinating takeaway? The numbers are… surprisingly achievable.

“The top 1% – frequently cited, sometimes maligned, but never really defined,” reads the report.

“The level of net wealth that marks the threshold for entering this rarefied community varies widely among different countries and territories. Interestingly, though, it falls far short of our definition of an Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) – somebody whose net wealth exceeds US$30 million.”

“Even in Monaco, which has the world’s densest population of super-rich, the entry point for the principality’s branch of the 1% club – the world’s most exclusive – is US$7.9 million.”

Monaco is not-so-closely followed by “the home of the private bank”, Switzerland, with a net worth threshold of US$5.1 million, edging out the United States at US$4.4 million, before the rankings once again drop off rather dramatically to Singapore’s benchmark of US$2.9 million – which just so happens to be Asia’s highest entry, marginally beating Hong Kong.

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Check out the full breakdown of select countries + territories below.

Top 1% Earners (Global)

**All figures converted to USD

Net worth threshold comparison

  1. Monaco: $7.9 million
  2. Switzerland: $5.1 million
  3. US: $4.4 million
  4. Singapore: $2.9 million
  5. New Zealand: $2.8 million
  6. Hong Kong: $2.8 million
  7. Australia: $2.8 million
  8. Ireland: $2.6 million
  9. France: $2.1 million
  10. Germany: $2 million
  11. UK: $1.8 million
  12. Taiwan: $1.5 million
  13. Japan: $1.5 million
  14. Spain: $1.4 million
  15. Italy: $1.4 million
  16. UAE: $1.3 million
  17. South Korea: $1.2 million
  18. China: $850,000
  19. Malaysia: $540,000
  20. Russia: $400,000
  21. Argentina: $360,000
  22. Romania: $300,000
  23. Brazil: $280,000
  24. South Africa: $180,000
  25. Vietnam: $160,000
  26. Nigeria: $70,000
  27. India: $60,000
  28. Philippines: $60,000
  29. Indonesia: $60,000
  30. Kenya: $20,000
Knight Frank Wealth Report 2021 - top 1% earner net worth

Additional insights

  • Developing economies Indonesia & Kenya have thresholds less than 1% of Monaco’s
  • India has the same 1% level as both Indonesia & Kenya but 10x the UHNWI population (individuals with US$30 million net worths) of Indonesia & 14x that of the Philippines
  • Wealth growth forecasts predict India’s threshold to double over the next five years
  • China (mainland) is also forecasted to see its 1% threshold rise by almost 70% from US$850,000 – reflects rising wealth but growth is not uniform
  • Wealth inequality has become starker within countries & globally due to COVID-19 pandemic