What Is The Average Salary In Australia? (2024 Update)
— Updated on 18 April 2024

What Is The Average Salary In Australia? (2024 Update)

— Updated on 18 April 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It makes the world go round, rules everything around us, and as per the assertions of modern American poet Christopher Wallace, creates mo’ problems.

Naturally, people are generally curious about money in two key regards, especially given the ongoing cost of living / rising inflation crisis:

  1. How do I get my hands on more of it?
  2. How does my take-home compare to the average annual salary in Australia (in other words, what are the key indicators that I’m earning enough)?

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*Note: All $$$ = Before Tax

According to data sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as of November 2023, full-time workers need to rake in an annual salary exceeding $98,217.60 to be considered an above-average income earner (average full-time weekly pay: $1,888.80).

This is, of course, a one-size-fits-all figure. The adjusted numbers will vary depending on factors such as gender, sector, education level, qualifications, job title, industries, and geography. Plus none of these average figures account for performance bonuses, side hustles, and whatnot.

The average weekly earnings for all employees in Australia, on the other hand, sits at $1,432.60. This effectively translates to a significantly lower average annual salary of $74,495.20 when we include part-time, casual, and other workers outside of the full-time sphere in the mix.

And just in case you were curious: as determined by the Fair Work Commission, as of 2024, the minimum wage in Australia is $882.80 per week for full-time employees (38 hours per week). Or a minimum of $23.23 per hour.

Is it time to start working weekends or is it time to schedule a meeting with the boss?

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Average Australian Salary By Gender & Sector

Assuming full-time and adult.

Average Weekly Earnings$1,982.80$1,744.80
Average Salary$103,105.60 $90,729.60
Public SectorPrivate Sector
Average Weekly Earnings$2,061.10$1,845
Average Salary$107,177.20$95,940
Average Salary Australia (2024): weekly earnings by gender and sector

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Average Australian Salary By State & Territories

New South Wales

Average Weekly Earnings$1,977.50$1,760.20$1,891.40
Average Salary$102,830$91,530.40$98,352.80


Average Weekly Earnings$1,940.90$1,733.30$1,858.10
Average Salary$100,926.80$90,131.60$96,621.20


Average Weekly Earnings$1,931.50$1,709.80$1,844.70
Average Salary$100,438$88,909.60$95,924.40

South Australia

Average Weekly Earnings$1,793.80$1,628.80$1,735.40
Average Salary$93,277.60$84,697.60$90,240.80

Western Australia

Average Weekly Earnings$2,301.60$1,802.00$2,107.70
Average Salary$119,683.20$93,704$109,600.40


Average Weekly Earnings$1,704.30$1,612.80$1,670.00
Average Salary$88,623.60$83,865.60$86,840

Northern Territory

Average Weekly Earnings$1,974.90$1,671.10$1,832.80
Average Salary$102,694.80$86,897.20$95,305.60

Australian Capital Territory

Average Weekly Earnings$2,189.90$1,972.90$2,087.60
Average Salary$113,874.80$102,590.80$108,555.20
Average Salary Australia (2024): weekly earnings by state and gender

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The 5 Highest Average Salaries By Profession

Mining Industry

Average Weekly Earnings$3,049.30$2,568.90$2,951.80
Average Salary$158,563.60$133,582.80$153,493.60

Information Media and Telecommunications

Average Weekly Earnings$2,536.20$2,126.80$2,406.10
Average Salary$131,882.40$110,593.60$125,117.20

Financial and Insurance Services

Average Weekly Earnings$2,378.70$1,962.30$2,182.70
Average Salary$123,692.40$102,039.60$113,500.40

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Average Weekly Earnings$2,468.60$1,889.20$2,222.80
Average Salary$128,367.20$98,238.40$115,585.60

Electricity, Gas, Water, and Waste Services

Average Weekly Earnings$2,266.20$2,023.40$2,212.60
Average Salary$117,842.40$105,216.80$115,055.20
Average Salary Australia (2024): weekly earnings by industry and gender

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Median Salary in Australia (2024)

While “average salary Australia” is the search term that brought you here, a more realistic read of what you should be earning lies in the country’s median salary.

Considering an average is calculated by adding every recorded value of a dataset before being divided by the total number of values, the 1%-ers (i.e. multi-billionaires such as Twiggy Forrest, the Atlassian fellas) will inevitably skew the results.

A median, on the other hand, organises a dataset in ascending order before revealing the middle value. So what does this look like in the context of personal income in Australia?

Taking the median weekly earnings of a full-time worker (all persons), we multiply $1,710 by the 52 weeks in a year to calculate a total annual sum of $88,920.

If we were to examine this more closely by gender, Aussie men make a median salary of $92,872 while Aussie women are staring down the barrel of $83,200.

Check out the breakdown for yourself below.

Australia Median Salary (2024)

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