Here’s The Average Australian Salary Broken Down By Age

average australian salary by age

It makes the world go round, rules everything around us, and as per the assertions of American poet Christopher Wallace, creates mo’ problems. Naturally, people are generally curious about money in two key regards: 1. how do I get my hands on more of it?, and 2. how does my take-home compare to the average Australian salary (or put simply… am I earning enough)?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average weekly earnings is $577 for part-time employees ($30,004 annually), $1,463 for full-time employees ($76,067 annually), and $1,110 across the board ($57,720 annually). Co-working specialists Instant Offices, however, have taken it a step further by analysing the particulars of ABS data and breaking down the benchmarks by age.

Check out what you should be earning depending on when you were born in Australia.

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Average Australian Salary By Age

  • 20 & under
    Average weekly earnings: $383.70
    Average yearly salary: $19,952
  • 21 to 34
    Average weekly earnings: $1,127.60
    Average yearly salary: $58,635
  • 35 to 44
    Average weekly earnings: $1,503.70
    Average yearly salary: $78,192
  • 45 to 54
    Average weekly earnings: $1,544.20
    Average yearly salary: $80,298
  • 55 & older
    Average weekly earnings: $1,373.40
    Average yearly salary: $71,417

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5 Highest-Paid Australian Industries

  • Mining
    Average weekly earnings: $2,674.80
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, & Waste Services
    Average weekly earnings: $1,922.00
  • Construction
    Average weekly earnings: $1,573.90
  • Wholesale Trade
    Average weekly earnings: $1,339.50
  • Manufacturing
    Average weekly earnings: $1,334.70

Additional Insights

  • Men working full-time earn a weekly average of $1,810.90 while women earn $1,515.60
  • Managerial workers obviously earn the most with average weekly earnings of $2,424.50 (particularly in the 45 to 54 age bracket)
  • Sales workers have the lowest average weekly earnings at $735.90

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