Brick Lane Brewing Hi Fi Dry Is The Next Step In The No-Carb Beer Movement

Brick Lane Brewing Hi Fi Dry Is The Next Step In The No-Carb Beer Movement

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Brick Lane Brewing has been going from strength to strength ever since it launched in 2018. The team, based in Victoria, has been constantly belting out innovative brews over the past few years, to the point where it’s really no surprise to see them take the low-carb movement trend to the next level with Hi Fi Dry, a new zero-carb Japanese lager with a seriously great taste.

It happens to the best of us. You’re having that quintessential summer session with your mates but you’ve gone too hard, too soon. You start feeling bloated and lethargic which takes your mind out of the game. Too often beer is not only the fuel, but also the friction.

It’s why in the past few years, low-carb beer has not only been seen as a healthy alternative but a smarter, more pragmatic one. Hi Fi Dry takes that “low” down even more, cutting out the carbs altogether so you can dip into a summer session while still feeling light and active. A beer like this helps keep you on your toes, so to speak, so that time spent having good times with good mates isn’t cut short by the burden of bloat. 

And that’s without you having to compromise on taste. As long as you’ve done your due diligence when it comes to finding a zero-carb beer best suited for the occasion, which is what makes Hi Fi Dry such a valuable entry into the game.

The zero-carb lager, precision brewed using rice and malt, plays directly into that sweet spot of a crisp, refreshing beer that isn’t obnoxiously weighty on the palate – light and accessible with notes of red apple, sweet malt and a fresh herbal hop aroma that goes down a treat.

Rated at 4.2% ABV, Hi Fi Dry is another sure-shot from Brick Lane Brewing, which has built a solid reputation for consistency and creativity ever since the B Corp-certified brewery was founded. That B Corp certification, mind you, is another big reason why Hi Fi Dry represents an exciting new path for zero-carb beer, only using 100% reusable packaging which aligns with Brick Lane’s aim to be True Zero carbon free by 2025.

A high standard has sat behind the label ever since inception, so it’s no surprise that Hi Fi Dry is well up to scratch, pushing through as the next step in the zero-carb beer trend. A crushable bevvy that’ll appeal greatly to both occasional drinkers and self-fashioned beer connoisseurs. With summer coming up, consider it the most valuable tool you’ve got to tackle through that social calendar without feeling run down.

Brick Lane Brewing’s Hi Fi Dry can be found exclusively at First Choice, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars stores nationally, as well as the Brick Lane venues and website.

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