BWS Are Giving Away Free Beers This Friday

BWS Are Giving Away Free Beers This Friday

PSA: Woolies-owned BWS is giving away free six-packs of beer this Friday morning as a promotion for a collection of rare international beers.

The purveyor of Beers, Wines, and Spirits had undertaken a mass poll amongst thousands of Australians in order to determine what the public’s favourite unique beers were from around the world.

Using the collated data – the perfect six-pack for Mr. Worldwide was born – comprising of an array of different beers from pockets of the world that are rare to our Aussie shelves.

The six-pack includes:

1. Weizen from Japan 

2. Namgay Artisanal from Bhutan

3. Aecht Ochlenferla Rauchbier from Germany 

4. Crumble Sour IPA from Poland

5. Belgian Blonde Ale from Mexico 

6. Barrel-aged Saison from Italy 

BWS Are Giving Away Free Beers This Friday

From 10 am this Friday get in quick (it’s first in best dressed) to nab yourself the limited one-of-a-kind six-packs from one exclusive BWS location per state – find yours below.

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Sydney: Balmain 

Melbourne: Brunswick 

Brisbane: Ashgrove 

Perth: Wembley 

Learn more at

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