Morning Machine Launches In Australia With A Unique Approach To Capsule Coffee Brewing
— 1 December 2022

Morning Machine Launches In Australia With A Unique Approach To Capsule Coffee Brewing

— 1 December 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

After a successful Kickstarter last year, Morning Machine seems about ready to take a different, more artisanal approach to the typical capsule home coffee machine. Having already launched in markets like London and Singapore, where it was originated by home brewer and founder Leon Foo, the slick little kit has this week arrived in Australia with the intention to build an entire ecosystem around capsule coffee brewing.

Already you were able to grab the machine from a specialty website like Alternative Brewing but this is the first time the entire brand has been made available locally, presenting a slim, attractive capsule home coffee machine designed by Foo in collaboration with Bowen Chiou.

The difference between this and established capsule coffee machines is actually quite meaningful. Specialty roasters from all over the world, including farms in Queensland and Western Australia, have created their own capsules for Morning Machine in order to up the variety and offer a more diverse selection of coffee that you’d usually only find with bean-to-espresso manual coffee machines.

Morning Machine Launches In Australia

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A very comprehensive mobile app allows you a good level of control over how each capsule is extracted, with toggles to manage temperature settings, pressure and coffee weight output. To my knowledge, this is the only pod coffee machine I’ve seen that uses variable pressure profiles alongside the option to pre-infuse.

The Morning Machine also comes with a built-in scale to help keep track of each capsule brew and maintain consistency for the various recipes that can be pre-saved and loaded via the head-turning OLED display.

Each roaster who has been engaged by Morning’s growing Marketplace has also created recipes for their respective capsules so the pod coffee machine can extract espresso that’s as true-to-source as possible and aligns with the intention of the brewer.

“We know how seriously Australians take their coffee and with the local specialty coffee scene consistently growing year-on-year, we are really looking forward to marrying our incredible network of roasters with the innovation of our ecosystem,” said Foo.

“Advocacy is huge for us, and ensuring that roasters are empowered to tell their story to a global audience is key. Coffee with a recipe always tasted better than coffee without a recipe.”

Morning Machine comes preset with ten ready-to-brew recipes that range from filter brews to a special Kyoto Style Slow Drip.

It looks like the communal aspect, conceived as Morning Marketplace, is the most distinctive part of the brand. So far there are several Australian roasters offering capsules on the online service, including Allpress, Pablo & Rusty’s, St.ALi, Toby’s Estate, Jack Murat and Killer Bee. Internationally, you’ve also got ones like Coffee Roasters from Denmark, Colonna Coffee from UK and Fritz Coffee Company from South Korea.

Morning Machine is now available in Australia at a retail price of $599.

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