Deliveroo Is Offering Melbourne Locals 20% Off Meals This Week

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – in typical fashion, Melbourne has let the entire country down. But not everyone has decided to kick an entire city while they’re curled up in the foetal position (unlike yours truly). Case in point, Deliveroo is offering all Melbourne locals 20% off meals from local restaurants this week.

Add a bit of variety to your lunch/dinner/midnight snack plans and save the home-cooking for another day. At least from tonight until Thursday the 23rd of July. With over 5,000 participating establishments in the metropolitan Melbourne area, there’ll surely be something for everyone in your household.

For those of you guilty about paying the already struggling business owners less than usual, there’s good news: Deliveroo is copping the difference out of pocket to make the discounts possible. So in this super rare instance, there’s virtually no downside.

Simply choose a participating restaurant in the metropolitan Melbourne area that tickles your fancy, and place an order valued at $30 or more via the Deliveroo app – keep an eye out for a “20%” tag on the listing. Regular delivery fees will apply. And once again, this deal will only be active from today until Thursday the 23rd of July.

Missing the pub? Moon Dog Brewery is now selling ‘Pub In A Box’ kits with everything you need to bring happy hour home:

  • 2 x Schooner glasses
  • 1 x Bar mat
  • 1 x 200g packet of house made beer nuts
  • 1 x Ember’s Red IPA (440ml)
  • 1 x The Future is Bright Solar Powered IPA (440ml)
  • 2 x Cake Hole Black Forest Stout (330ml)
  • 2 x Jean-Strawb Van Damme Strawberry Sour Ale (330ml)
  • 2 x Old Mate Pale Ale (330ml)
  • 2 x Beer Can Tropical Lager (330ml)
  • 2 x Moon Dog Lager (330ml)

Read all about it here.