KFC Release A Zinger Parmy Recipe To Sort Your Dinner Plans Out

KFC Zinger Parmy Recipe

MVPs of the filthy feed game – KFC – has just released a recipe for what they’ve dubbed the Zinger Parmy (but we all know they mean ‘Parmi’). So not only are your dinner plans sorted, but those who haven’t been able to secure a table at the old local can satisfy their pub cravings from the comfort of home. I believe that’s what they call, “Killing two dirty birds with one stone.”

“Warning – once you discover the Zinger [Parmi], a regular [parmi] will never be the same again. Cook with caution.”

To sweeten the deal, fillet orders for your KFC Zinger Parmy / Parmi or otherwise are currently discounted via the official app. ‘Nuff said.


  • 4 x KFC Zinger fillets
  • 4 x tbsp passata
  • 4 x pieces of bacon
  • 1 x cup shredded cheese
  • Supercharged sauce (amount depending on how much heat you can handle)
  • Fresh herbs (e.g. flat-leaf parsley, basil)


  1. Preheat the grill in your oven to a high heat.
  2. Cook your bacon in a pan until it’s crispy.
  3. Put the zinger fillets on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  4. Spread the passata over each Zinger fillet.
  5. Grill for about four minutes or until cooked.
  6. Drizzle with supercharged sauce, and add herbs.
  7. Serve with chips or salads.