McDonald’s Expands Their Chicken Menu With Schnitty & Parmi Burgers

McDonald’s has given the people what they really want (which is more than we can say about any other entity in this fucking country). Expanding on their chicken menu, the Golden Arches is now launching a ‘Chicken Schnitty’ burger, a ‘Parmi’ burger, and even a ‘Teriyaki Chicken’ burger.

But before you bullrush to queue up à la Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce – yes, we haven’t forgotten what absolute gremlins you lot can be – there’s just a teensy bit of bad news. Currently, the only state to be slinging this fair dinkum fast-food is that of South Australia. 

“As we know, South Australians love chicken burgers and nuggets, so it made sense to us to give them a chance to review this exciting new menu,” says Jo Feeney, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia.

“There’s something for every chicken lover, whether you’re a fan of spice, pickles, a parmi, or a sprinkle of chicken salt on your fries.”

That’s right – you heard that last bit correctly. Part of this Aussie Macca’s trial will include offering customers the option of chicken salt with their fries. As Feeney herself puts it, this is just “… more of what [the people] want…”.

Eat your heart out, KFC. Old Dirty Bird better give us something killer as well is they want any hope of keeping up.

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