McDonald’s Chicken Parmi Burger Is Now Available Across Australia

McDonald’s Chicken Parmi Burger Is Now Available Across Australia

After extensive testing undertaken in South Australia earlier this year, the McDonald’s Chicken Parmi Burger is now officially available for purchase, consumption, and deep cultural appreciation all across the country.

“The Chicken Parmi Burger has crispy golden 100% Aussie chicken breast topped with classic parmigiana sauce, bacon, Aussie cheese, along with a creamy cheese sauce,” confirms McDonald’s via press statement. But let’s be honest – we didn’t exactly need a press statement to tell us what we’re in for.

Of course, this Aussie pub classic simply isn’t complete without the appropriate accompaniment. Which is why McDonald’s Australia has also gone ahead and launched the Chicken Salk Shaker Fries. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: the iconic bouquet of potato gold, placed in a bag of chicken salt, and shaken until it hits optimal tastiness.

The Macca’s Chicken Parmi Burger and Chicken Salt Shaker Fries arrives as part of the fast-food franchise’s new chicken range menu alongside the following:

  • McSpicy Burger – McDonald’s “spiciest burger ever”
  • Chicken McPieces – crispy pieces of breast fillet

And just in case any of you want to ark up about the use of ‘Parmi’ – which is both the official spelling from the Macca’s marketing department and the nation – please refer to the historic BH poll below (a watershed moment in Australian political discourse).