Sweet Jesus: Pizza Shapes-Flavoured Hot Cross Buns Are Coming Soon
— 18 January 2024

Sweet Jesus: Pizza Shapes-Flavoured Hot Cross Buns Are Coming Soon

— 18 January 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While many will proclaim science has gone too far, we think it hasn’t gone far enough. But as Hot Cross Buns seasoned with Pizza Shapes flavouring hits the shelves of your local Coles, at long last, civilisation is finally heading towards the right direction.

This polarising revelation was first brought to wider attention by Aussie food TikToker @nectoriouspapi. Before long, as you can imagine, it achieved viral status and sparked an extremely inconsequential debate.

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Pizza Shapes Hot Cross Buns

“The rumours are true, we have teamed up with the bikkie masters at Arnott’s to develop some exciting creations,” confirmed an unnamed Coles spokesperson.

“But you’ll have to wait a little longer to try these fair dinkum Aussie classics.”

“We love to hear the excitement Aussies have when two iconic brands come together, and we have some rippers in the works for you.”

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According to @nectoriouspapi, by the time the Easter festivities are upon us, Coles’ Pizza Shapes flavoured Hot Cross Buns will be available in two distinct variants — one sweet and one savoury.

This follows the “controversial” release of last year’s Special Burger Sauce Hot Cross Buns, which itself followed the Vegemite & Cheese edition the two consecutive years prior. Though don’t let any of this distract you from the real debate…

Should Hot Cross Buns be sold year-round or exclusively as a seasonal treat?


THIS IS ABOUT TO BE CRAZY GOOD OR TERRIBLE 🤣🤣 BREAKING NEWS 🤣 THIS IS 100% LEGIT I mentioned a few weeks ago Arnott is teaming up with Coles to collab for 2 new Hot Cross Buns Flavours 1 sweet and 1 savoury … here’s the savoury We are getting a Pizza Shapes Hot Cross Bun Available at Coles real soon Keen? #hotcrossbuns #pizzashapes #shapes #pizza #savoury#hcb#easter #fyp #explore #coles #breakingnews #foryou #seasonal

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