This Butcher’s 24/7 Meat Vending Machine Is The Innovation We Deserve
— Updated on 12 January 2024

This Butcher’s 24/7 Meat Vending Machine Is The Innovation We Deserve

— Updated on 12 January 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

For whatever reason, Australia has been left behind in the realm of vending machine breakthroughs.

Throughout Europe, you can nab everything from pharmaceuticals to fresh pizza. In the American state of Arizona, there’s one that dispenses cars.

Over in China, there’s even one that spits out live crabs; while another in the United Arab Emirates is essentially an ATM for gold. And then there’s Japan: home to an entire host of both delights and perverted horrors.

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So what is the antipodean answer to all this? Thanks to the folks at Chop Butchery, it’s fresh quality meats around the clock.

Brought to our attention by an eagle-eyed BH reader who didn’t quite make it to Forestway Shopping Centre in time before the store closed up for the day, this after-hours gift to the time-poor gourmand offers everything from in-house dry-aged beef and lamb chops to snags, beef patties, and mince.

chop butchery sydney meat vending machine

But it’ll obviously cost you a premium. Aside from the novelty of 24/7 meat on demand, you won’t find any cheap cuts here. Only the finest five-star scrums you’ll put on your fork.

“From the day it was born, Chop Butchery’s mission has been quite simple: to combine the most delicious, high-quality meat and food products with an exceptional experience and service, both through over the counter at our physical and online,” states the butcher franchise’s official website.

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“We believe that everyone should have access to amazingly delicious high-quality meat and products… Whether we are lucky enough to meet you in person or deliver to your family or business through our online ordering system, you can rest sure we will create something truly special for you.”

While Chop Butchery’s standalone store presence stretches from Penrith to East Maitland, the only locations with these headline-making vending machines we’ve been able to personally confirm are Frenchs Forest (Forestway Shopping Centre), St Ives (St Ives Shopping Village), as well as by Urunga.

Shout out in the comment section if you’ve spotted them anywhere else.

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