— 9 May 2022

The Irwin Family Adopts Paris Hilton For New Uber Eats Campaign

— 9 May 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It’s not the likeliest of pairings, but in a fries-and-thickshake style development, the results have been *chef’s kiss*. Uber Eats has unveiled its latest ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ commercials starring the Irwin family – Terri, Bindi, Robert – who’ve apparently adopted a new member of its family in the one and only Paris Hilton.

The headlining 30-second ad spot opens with Bindi Irwin telling the camera she’ll be enjoying a veggie parmi and chippies with the Australia Zoo family before cutting to said “family members.”

There’s the crocodiles as presented by Bindi herself… the lizards as presented by brother Robert… the giraffes as presented by mother Terri, and finally… a tongue-in-cheek chihuahua enclosure presented by the Hilton Hotels heiress. Cue punchline about the enclosure being where they actually keep the snakes.

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“The Irwins have become my ZFFs – they’re my zoo fam forever,” says Paris Hilton.

“It was so much fun filming these segments with them. I really hope the audience finds the commercials as joyful as I found filming them.”

“It was certainly a fun time,” Robert Irwin reveals to BH firsthand; in reference to the collaboration between cultural icons.

“Paris was as passionate about the project as we are about wildlife conservation. It’s really great when someone’s on the same page.”

Initially, the author of this very article was destined for sunny Los Angeles to interview Ms Hilton person. It was, however, tanked by a positive COVID-19 test — which arrived in line at Sydney International Airport (a cosmic kick to the balls if there ever was one). Still, a quick chat with Australia’s most beloved clan of wildlife conservationists wasn’t a bad consolation prize.

“I’ve dealt with small dogs before – I have a pug – and some chihuahuas are great, they’re a lovely breed,” Robert explains of his chihuahua wrangling skills.

“But I think Paris is the expert here… I have to give that one to Paris.”

I ask what he thinks is easier to feed: a freshwater crocodile or an LA socialite?

“[Laughter.] That’s a good one, mate. I think I’ll have to go with crocs. You know what you get with crocs. They’ll try to eat you and that might sound scary, but it’s simple.

“Crocs don’t really have that many dietary requirements. They don’t mind eating some gluten.”

And if you asked the young buck what his ideal night in on the couch resembles, the response would be just as clear cut, simplistic, with a charming air of groundedness.

“Look… I’m pretty diverse. Sometimes I’ll have a curry, sometimes I’ll get a burger. But I think my go-to Uber Eats order has to be: pasta. Like a big gnocchi.”

Check out the brand new Uber Eats ads co-starring the Irwin family and Paris Hilton above.

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