Spitbank Fort: The $7 Million Island Fortress Turned Luxury Hotel

In 1878, four armoured military forts designed by Captain E. H. Stewart were completed at a total cost of £167,300. They would later fall into disuse after the 1956 abolition of British coastal artillery and served as tourist attractions throughout the 80s. In 2012, after having undergone £8 million worth of renovations, the fort named Spitbank Fort reopened to the world as a luxury hotel – which can now be yours to own.

33,000-square feet. Three storeys. 9 bedroom suites. Unparalleled privacy (if you so choose). This historic property features an entire array of adult delights to keep you occupied in the middle of nowhere. Fun fact, OG drum + bass act Pendulum performed a live set here. Accompanying the tasty views, there’s the obligatory inclusion of a pool, spa, sauna, roof terrace, fire pit, and sun deck; as well as the not-so-obligatory inclusion of a library to unwind, training centre to stay lean, and corporate offices to take care of business.

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For those who are keen on entertaining, the former military structure/museum /nightclub/hotel has more than got you covered. Spitbank Fort also holds two full kitchens and a dining room capable of accommodating 60 guests, wine cellar to stock with plenty of grog, outdoor lounge and expansive courtyard ideal for social occasions, plus a goddamn casino (just in case anyone was having trouble cutting loose here).

The official listing indicates Spitbank Fort is ready to receive its new owner right away – priced at $7.4 million.

Check it out below.