PSA: Fellas, There Are Too Many Aussie Women On Bumble Right Now
— Updated on 2 August 2021

PSA: Fellas, There Are Too Many Aussie Women On Bumble Right Now

— Updated on 2 August 2021
Sera Bozza
Sera Bozza

The infamous heist mastermind Willie Sutton had a simple yet genius response when asked why he robbed banks – “That’s where the money is.”

The no-nonsense approach became known as Sutton’s Law. And if you’re a single bloke seeking a date, you should abide by the same principle; go where they actually are – Bumble.

Bumble, the women-first social networking app, has just hit a whopping 4 million users in Australia. While the platform also caters to finding new mates and career mentors, the figures are majority driven by singles, and especially single ladies, looking for love.

Dating apps are the best (and perhaps only) way to connect right now. And that’s actually driving people to be more sincere than ever before. One good news story to come out of 2020 is the shift from apathetic swiping towards ‘slow dating;’ the real desire to connect on a deeper level and find a legitimate connection when we’ve been starved of so many from our day-to-day lives.

As of July, 89% of Bumble users are seriously interested in dating at the right now. 55% are explicitly seeking a partner before the likelihood of varying restrictions ramp up again. You do the math – that means a lot of women, ready to connect and convert, now. 

Since women make the first move on the app, those are seriously good odds for any guy on Bumble who literally just shows up (and isn’t a creep). Fellas, go where the money is!

Why do women want to bee there?

Because it’s more than branding and buzz-words (I couldn’t resist). But seriously, Bumble offers a more considered in-app experience by cultivating a space for dating that women actually want to be in. 

Tech with a conscience? Jokes aside, its features aim to cut the crap behaviour most of us experience on dating apps; the lack of follow-throughs, the flakiness and overall fatigue.

As a woman having swiped on many dating apps myself, I consider Bumble the go-to app if you are looking to meet someone genuine, who’s verified, and turn it around quick. As the numbers suggest, other’s have caught on too.

Firstly, the chat expiry feature means go time; when you get a match, women have to act – fast – or it expires in 24 hours. It pushes out bored and mindless swiping, especially thirsty swipers looking to accumulate matches for validation on-tap.

The all-in-one platform (which enables you to chat, share pics, GIFs, voice notes and make voice and video calls), makes women feel safer getting to know you without needing to intertwine themselves over multiple platforms.

The introduction of video calling in 2019 was also genius foresight for our current reality. Before ISO, I would have rather clawed my eyes out than date via video call. But I have tried it, and honestly, I rate it. Not just as a ‘better than nothing’ option for now, but it’s a seriously good time-saver to determine our vibe before going on a date; lockdown or no lockdown.

The better women feel on Bumble, means that by extension, the better the experience will be for you. And we’re not even asking much of you…

Just show up

If you are able to offer us a half-decent profile, consisting of (at the very minimum),

  • Current (non-selfie) photos where we can see your eyes
  • A fun and short bio, more considered than, “taller than you in heels,” (there’s a height badge for that which yields 50% more matches by the way…)
  • Verified profile badge, so that we can be sure who we are talking to is actually who we are talking to
  • Bonus points for linking your Instagram

Not only will we take it from there, but, you are effectively guaranteed that any match that does come through will be a genuine one.

Why? By virtue of how we swipe, we have already analysed, dissected, and approved your profile, before swiping right. Next, upon the match, the timer ensures that if we follow through, we mean to. 

When you receive a message, we’ve gone through multiple rounds to prove we’re interested. And the messages will come through. Aussie women have done it 65 million times already. That is no small feat. We mean business.

Essentially, Bumble isn’t where we go to flake out on you or f… play around. I mean, we might be looking for that too, but the best part is; there is a badge for that. So we can all be on the same page about what we actually want.

Accept the new reality

If you thought dating apps were just ‘a nice to have’, this decade, as fresh as it is, has proven otherwise. They are an absolute must-have. 

The reality is we might be dancing in and out of lockdown for a while to come. So give yourself the best chance of finding an ISO buddy on the app that curates a serious pool of contenders, and then plenty of ways to sustain the connection in the one place.

If you are hesitant about navigating ‘in real life’ meet-ups or overstepping the mark, use the badge to indicate your comfort level with hanging out face to face.

Whether being lucky in love has had more to do with skill, playing the numbers game, or destiny has been long contested. But right now, for Aussie blokes, it’s simply sheer dumb luck. If you want to meet someone proactive and sincere, it simply makes good sense to go where they actually are.

Now, for the inside word, check out what a girl’s group chat says about the first thing they look for – before swiping right.

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